Nicole L – Student Testimonial – Beginner 5

Can you tell us about yourself and how long you have been studying at Coto Japanese Academy?

I’m from Malaysia and have been studying at Coto since January 2018.  I will be continuing with the Beginner 6 Intensive Japanese course in May.

What made you decide to study Japanese?

I have always been interested in learning the Japanese Language and Culture. I came upon Coto while researching for different Language Schools online. I found positive reviews about the school, and felt Coto was the best option for me based on my needs.

What made you choose to study at Coto over other Japanese schools?

Other schools seem widely geared towards long term, younger International students seeking to pursue their higher education in Japan; Coto caters more to working/short stay expats in Japan.

Did the school meet your expectations?

I like the class syllabus and overall, the teachers are good – each teacher has a unique personality. Thus far, I really enjoyed my studies here and am more than happy to recommend it to friends.

What are your plans after your course finishes?

I plan to continue studying Japanese and hope to return for further studies in the future.
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