Online Lesson Website – FAQ

Here we have included some of the common questions that students have had for us about the new system.

Points & Payment

How do I pay for lessons, what are points?

Points are the currency that the system uses to book your lessons.

Each lesson costs a set number of points.

When you book a lesson the system will take away those points from your point balance to pay for the lesson reservation.

In order to do this you will need to purchase points.

How do I purchase points?

Points can be purchased with a credit card from your my account page. You can save this payment information to your account so that purchasing more points is hassle free.

There are two types of point purchases.

  • Packages
  • Subscriptions

What is the difference between packages and subscriptions?

Packages have longer expiration periods and a larger amount of points. Packages are good for people with irregular schedules.

Subscriptions give you a set amount of points every 28 days

Do points expire? What is the expiration date and how does it work?

Yes, points have an expiration date.

Subscriptions: Points expire 28 days from the subscription renewal date.
Packages: Point expiration dates depend on the type of package that you purchase.

After points reach their expiration date – you can no longer use them to reserve lessons.


28 points are left in a package and the expiration date is January 1st.

Are points refundable?

Points are non-refundable.

Can I use points for both group and private lessons?

Yes points can be used for both group and private lesson bookings.

Bookings & Class Reservations

What is a recurring booking?

A recurring booking saves a repeating timeslot for you. This allows you to take a lesson with the same teacher at the same time on a weekly basis.

Recurring bookings are booked 4 weeks at a time.

After 28 days – your recurring booking will renew and the system will automatically reserve the next 4 weeks for you at the same time slot.

Having a recurring booking is the only way to guarantee availability for a timeslot.

What is a one-time / trial booking?

A one-time or trial booking is a reservation that you book one time.

For private lessons you can use them if you have an irregular schedule and you cannot take lessons at the same time every week.

For group lessons – they are used as a way to see if your level matches a group class before you commit to a recurring booking.

What happens to my recurring booking if I do not have enough points?

3 days before your recurring booking is set to renew – the system will check to see if you have enough points.

If you do not have enough points to book your recurring reservation for the next 4 weeks – the system will email you and ask you to add points.

If you do not add points by the date of the renewal – the system will open the reservation and timeslot to the public. This does not mean that you will lose your reservation necessarily – but it means that another student would have the ability to book your reservation.

To avoid this – we recommend purchasing a point subscription before you book a recurring session.

How quickly can I make a booking? When can I start taking lessons?

You can reserve any lesson that is at least 24 hours in the future from the current time.

What time zone will be displayed in the lesson schedule?

The time zone that you set in your user profile will change the display of lesson times. Make sure you are selecting the correct time zone in your user profile!

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Can I cancel my lessons? Will I receive points back?

Cancellation policies are different based on the type of booking.

You can cancel lessons and in certain circumstances receive the points back in your account.

Cancellation rules for point return:

One time bookings – if you cancel the lesson 24 hours before the lesson start timne you can receive the points back.
Recurring bookings – In the case of recurring lessons, cancellations up to 24 hours before the start time will return points to your account up to 2 times per calendar month (between the first and the last day of the current month, for example January 1st-31st). After that, points will not be refunded even if the recurring private cancellation is before 24 hours prior to the start time of the lesson. This limitation only applies to recurring bookings.

I want to stop my recurring booking – can I receive the points back?

You can withdraw from your recurring booking starting from 2 weeks in the future. Any remaining bookings from after 2 weeks will see the points returned to your account.

I would like to reschedule a lesson to a different time – can I do that?

If it is a one-time booking you can always cancel 24 hours ahead of time to receive the points back and then use them to book a different lesson that takes place at least 24 hours later.

Troubleshooting & Problems with your lesson

A problem happened with my lesson – what should I do?

After the lesson has completed there will be an opportunity to report an issue with the lesson.

If your teacher had an internet connection issue or had an emergency and needed to reschedule the lesson after the cancellation deadline – you can notify us.

Go to your My History page and click report a problem under the class that was effected.

A problem happened with the system – what should I do?

There is a general problem report form that can be found by clicking help on your profile menu.

First click your profile icon – then click help.

I have a general support question – who should I contact?

Contact us at [email protected]

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