Monja Yakatabune Cruise on Tokyo Bay

Have you seen those boats that look like houseboats floating on the Sumida River or Tokyo Bay? In Japanese they are called “屋形船 yakatabune.” The kanji characters mean a boat that is shaped like a roof, and they are boats with on-board facilities to hold eating and drinking parties.
What is “Yakatabune 屋形船”
A part of traditional Japanese culture that originated as a form of entertainment for the aristocracy in the Heian Period, it later became a way for the feudal lords of the Edo Period to enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms or the mid-autumn moon, particularly from the Sumida River.
In recent years, the companies that own the boats have their own original plans and offer various packages combining food and drink with cruising. Luxurious cruises on big boats is nice, but a tour on a traditional yakatabune has a special flavor of its own, doesn’t it?
Coto Japanese Academy’s Monja Yakabune cruising tour!
This time, Coto Japanese Academy has rented out one of these yagata-bune and operated an Enjoy Tokyo to the Max tour where you can enjoy monjayaki, a Tokyo specialty, while watching the sunset on Tokyo Bay.
Monja is fun because you can usually enjoy making your own on a hot plate set into your table. This plan offers all-you-can-eat okonomiyaki and monjayaki and free drink refills. Watch and learn how to cook, so that even first-timers are delighted that they can make a delicious meal.
The weather was a concern ahead of the approaching typhoon, but on the day the weather was calm and we were able to enjoy the sun setting behind the Rainbow Bridge on Tokyo Bay.
There were many people taking part by themselves for the first time, but we were delighted to see students who wouldn’t normally meet, as well as staff and teachers all having a really enjoyable time.
The autumn events are the Vegetable Harvest & BBQ Experience Tour on Sunday, October 26, and the Hiking Tour on Sunday, November 16. We are hoping to see you all there!
秋のイベントは10月26日(日)のVegetable Harvest & BBQ Experienceツアー、11月16日(日)のハイキングツアーと続きます。皆様のご参加をお待ちしています!

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