Lina: A Business Course to work in Japan in the future

While pursuing her studies, Lina wished to improve her Japanese fluency and to gain valuable work experience in Japan. She joined Coto’s 8 week Business Course last summer. She also got the opportunity to do an internship through Coto Work’s internship program.

How long have you been in Japan?

I don’t reside in Japan but I visit every summer and winter break and have been visiting ever since I was little. I would like to move to Japan in the future! My dream job would be to work for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

How long have you been studying Japanese?

My parents are both Japanese so I grew up speaking Japanese. However, I was raised in U.S. therefore my reading and writing skills are not as great as I would like them to be. I have been studying Japanese since I was born and I am still continuing to study.

What was your objective in taking the business course?

I learned about the business course online when I was trying to find Japanese courses I could take during the summer. Though I grew up speaking Japanese, I never learned keigo and also was never in a situation where I had to use it. Therefore by taking the business course, it was a great opportunity for me to learn the Japanese necessary to work in Japan in the future. My level of Japanese was pretty advanced when I started in terms of my speaking abilities, but my writing and reading abilities have greatly improved after taking the course.
Lina Japanese Business Course

Have you been able to use the material you learned in the course in your daily life?

Along with the business course, I was doing an internship that I got through Coto Work. I was able to use the knowledge I was learning in the business course in my internship workplace which was great! Since then, I haven’t been able to use the material I learned in the course back in the U.S. but I know I will the next time I visit Japan.
Overall, I loved taking the course and I am so glad I did.  I learnt about keigo and workplace conversations that I know I will use when I begin to work in Japan. This was exactly what I was looking for! I also loved being in an environment every day where I could make mistakes with my fellow classmates and learn from them. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking for a great Japanese course.

Do you have a few funny stories resulting from your Japanese level to share?

I can’t think of any funny stories off the top of my head but learning about the different culture differences in Japan and the US was always very funny and interesting. For example, realizing how apologetic Japanese people are was very funny to me because it explained why I apologize so much!

What’s your best tip for anyone thinking about moving to Japan?

A tip for someone thinking about moving to Japan is to be prepared to learn about the unspoken rules that they will need to know in their workplace and in their relationships.

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