"Through Learning Japanese, I want to become part of Japanese society" Faheem-san

★Introducing testimonials from student’s of ILS (Iidabashi Language School) before it became Coto Japanese Academy

“Through Learning Japanese, I want to become part of Japanese society”

Faheem san/ Online Lessons / Elementary / Pakistan

One day on my way to bus stand I saw an old lady fainting down due to weakness, so I tried to help her as nobody was there. I tried to talk her but she could not understand.

On that day I was so sad that I did not understand her japanese that was a blow and set back for me that incident made me realize how japanese is important,even to help  some old senior citizen since I was living in japan.

At that time my understanding level was not so high and speaking level was very poor I can hardly speak and understand. I am working at automobile trading company  and I deal with foreigners and it was impossible for me to leave company for awhile and got to school to learn japanese .

I already heard about  distance learning system over internet. So I started google it out to find the school where a teacher could teach me in through a online system.  At that time I hardly found two or three reliable schools. I selected ILS because of attractive price plan and flexible timing .

Just with a click I started my lesson with one the best and trained teachers who not only helped me improve my listening level but also writing and reading level and provided me the book which was easy for me to understand.i really feel iam in a new world now since I can catch up with 30 to 40 percent of the vocabulary and sentences thanks to my mentors of ILS, still they are working hard to help me achieve my goals

My goal is to learn and write japanese up to level so that I can easily be the part of this nation. Still its a long way to go and lot of work to be done.

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