Learning Japanese Fast – The benefits of taking Japanese classes in a small group

Do you feel like you will never be able to learn to speak Japanese?  This frustration is not unique to you – there are many people that have studied with us over the years that have felt the same way.
If you feel you don’t fit in at a traditional school that focuses on exercises in a textbook – there is good news!  At Coto Japanese Academy we focus on providing small group lessons on a flexible schedule that will allow you to take Japanese lessons at a pace that matches your daily life.
In this blog – we will highlight some of the key benefits of taking Japanese classes in a small group – and how to determine whether or not it would be a good fit for you.

Benefit 1 – More time to practice speaking Japanese

The first benefit of having classes in a small group is the ability to really practice speaking Japanese.  Traditionally, most language programs are conducted in groups of 30-40 students.  Our maximum student group is 8 – which allows each student regular opportunities to practice speaking Japanese.  This is by no means a replacement for immersion with friends and colleagues – but it goes a long way towards making you feel comfortable forming Japanese sentences vocally.
So the first benefit of taking Japanese classes in a small group is definitely being able to practice your speaking output in Japanese.

Benefit 2 – Relaxed learning leads to better retention

Recent research into learning methodology has suggested that when you are relaxed and having fun – you retain more and perform better on assessments.  This has also been studied in the area of language acquisition.  Game based learning activities and activities conducted in small groups allow you to learn from both the instructor and peers.
Our Japanese classes provide a relaxed environment where you can learn alongside your class mates in a friendly environment.  Without the stresses of a traditional classroom environment and a shared relationship with your classmates – you will be able to retain and use more of what you learn inside the classroom.

Benefit 3 – Learning through observation of your classmates

In a larger classroom setting – you will not be able to learn from the mistakes of others as it will be too big for the instructor to give personalized instruction.  In a small class setting – you are able to observe the interactions between your classmates and the teacher.  You can learn just as much from others mistakes as you can from your own.  Our classes provide a positive environment where the teacher helpfully corrects bad habits and mistakes that students make while speaking Japanese.
So benefit 3 is this – learn as a small group through others mistakes.
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