Learn Japanese – Tidying up with Marie Kondo – 18 Common Phrases

The Konmari method of cleaning has been a sensation recently. Today, we will be introducing to you 18 common phrases used in the popular Netflix reality show “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”.
Marie Kondo

Konmari Categories

  1. Clothing: 衣類 (Irui)
  2. Books: 本 (Hon)
  3. Papers: 紙 (Kami)
  4. Small Items: 小物 (Komono)
  5. Sentimental Items: 思い出の品 (Omoide no shina)

1. 必ずできます (Kanarazu dekimasu)

Definition: You are definitely able to do it!

2. まず、あなたの家に挨拶する (Mazu anata no uchi ni aisatsu suru)

Definition: First, I would like to greet your house.

Marie greeting the house

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3. これは大事な儀式です (Kore wa daiji na gishiki desu)

Definition: This is an important ritual.

4. 物が多すぎ (Mono ga oosugi)

Definition: There are so many things.

5. ときめきを感じる物を選んで (Tokimeki o kanjiru mono o erande)

Definition: Choose only the things that spark joy.

marie explaining spark joy concept

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6.  まず、楽なのから始めた方がいい(Mazu rakunano kara hajimeta hou ga ii)

Definition: You can start with the things that make you feel great/happy

7. 感謝 (Kansha)

Definition: Gratitude

8. じゃあ後は宿題ね (Jaa ato wa shukudai ne)

Definition: So next is homework!

Assigning Homework!

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9. まず、クローゼットいい?(Mazu kuro-zetto ii)

Definition: Can I take a look at your closet first?

10.洋服を整理して気分は?(Youfuku o seiri shite kibun wa)

Definition: How did you feel when you were cleaning out your clothes?

11. 畳んだ服を見てもいい? (Tatanda fuku o mite mo ii)

Definition: Can I take a look at only your clothes?

Marie and clothes pile

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12. アドバイス (Adobaisu)

Definition: Advice

13: いいペースだと思う (Ii pe-su da to omou)

Definition: I think that’s a great pace.

14. いい点はやる気があるって事 (Ii ten wa yaruki ga arutte koto)

Definition: A good point is your motivation.

15: それが一番大事よ (Sore ga ichiban daiji yo)

Definition: That is the most important thing.

Happy marie

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16. 種類別に分けて (Shurui betsu ni wakete)

Definition: Separate the items by type/category

17. でも、今後もずっとこれが必要ですか (Demo kongo mo zutto kore ga hitsuyou desu ka)

Definition: Is this necessary moving into the future?

18: 片付けの努力がとても見られる (Katazuke no doryoku ga totemo mirareru)

Definition: I can see the efforts that you have put into cleaning up.

Happy client

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Marie’s advice:

Konmari's way of folding clothes

Image courtesy of One Kings Lane New York

For folding tops:

  1. 服の中心から長方形をつくる (Fuku no chuushin kara chouhoukei o tsukuru) – Create a rectangle in the middle.
  2. そして半分に折る (Soshite hanbun ni oru) – Fold in half.
  3. 3分の1に畳む (san bun no ichi ni tatamu) – Fold in thirds.
Konmari's way of folding jeans

Image courtesy of Speed Queen

For folding jeans:

  1. 半分に折る (Hanbun ni oru) – Fold in half.
  2. また半分に折る (Mata hanbun ni oru) – Fold in half again.
  3. 3分の1に畳む (san bun no ichi ni tatamu) – Fold in thirds.
Necktie storage

Image courtesy of Home Organising by Alejandra.tv

Storing neckties:

  1. ハンガーに掛ける (Hanga- ni kakeru) – Hang them
  2. 畳む (Tatamu) – Fold them
    • ラベルの部分まで半分に畳む (Raberu no bubun made hanbun ni tatamu) – Fold in half to the label
    • 更に半分に畳む (Sarani hanbun ni tatamu) – Fold it in half again
    • 巻く (Maku) – Roll it up
    • 小さな箱に収納 (Chiisana hako ni shuunou) – Place ties in a small box
    • 引き出しに収納 (Hikidashi ni shuunou) – Store them in a drawer
Folding fitted sheets

Image courtesy by Eleanor Nelson from pinterest.

For folding fitted sheets:

  1. 3分の1に畳む (San bun no ichi ni tatamu) – Fold into thirds.
  2. 半分に折る (Hanbun ni oru) – Fold in half.

Storing fitted sheets:

  1. クローゼットに収納 (Kuro-zetto ni shuunou) – Linen closet storage:
    • また半分に (Mata hanbun ni) – Fold into half again
  2. 深さのある引き出しには (Fukasa no aru hikidashi ni wa) – Deep drawer storage:
    • 3分の1に畳む (San bun no ichi ni tatamu) – Fold in thirds
    • たてて収納 (Tatete shuunou) – Store upright
  3. 浅い引き出しなら (Asai hikidashi nara) – Small drawer storage:
    • 巻いてしまっても良い (Maite shimatte mo yoi) – Roll it up
Bag storage

Image courtesy of Realliving

Bag storage (Bag in Bag method):

  1. 中の紙は取る(Naka no kami wa toru) – Take out any paper inside.
  2. 同じサイズのバッグを入れる (Onaji saizu no baggu o ireru) – Put similar sized bags inside each other.
  3. 取っ手を出しておく (Totte o dashite oku) – Keep handles visible to identify bags.
Pile of papers

Image courtesy of fastweb

For papers:

  • Pending: Waiting for action [Eg: Letters & Bills]
  • Important: Kept permanently [Eg: Contracts, Insurance Forms]
  • Miscellaneous: Papers referred to often [Eg: Recipes, Papers from seminars]
  1. 集めて分析をする (Atsumete bunseki wo suru) Create one pile and look at each item.
  2. 出来るだけ多く処分する (Dekiru dake ooku shobun suru) Aim to get rid of everything.
  3. 封筒の中から書類を出す (Fuutou no naka kara shorui o dasu) Always remove papers from envelope.
Shoe storage

Image courtesy of keywordbasket

For displaying shoes:

  1. ときめきを感じる置き方をせよ (Tokimeki o kanjiru okikata o seyo) – Arrange shoes in a way that spark joy.
    • 色 (Iro) – Color
    • 形 (Katachi) – Shape
    • ブランド (Burando) – Brand
    • 年 (Toshi) – Year
  2. 置き方 (Okikata) – Display management.
    • 重い靴は底 (Omoi kutsu wa soko) – Heavier shoes at the bottom.
    • 軽い靴は上 (Karui kutsu wa ue) – Lighter shoes on top.
Kitchen Organization

Image courtesy of diynetwork

For organizing kitchen drawers:

  1. まず、同じサイズの物をまとめること (Mazu onaji saizu no mono o matomeru koto) – Keep like items together by size.
    1. 小さい箱を使うと、元の位置に戻しやすい (Chiisai hako o tsukau to moto no ichi ni modoshi yasui) – Utilize tiny boxes to separate and store.
Sentimental items

Image courtesy of Elbow Room by MakeSpace

For storing sentimental items:

  1. 立てて収納する (Tatete shuunou suru) – Store items upright
  2. 小さな箱に収納する (Chiisana hako ni shuunou suru) – Store items in a small box
  3. ときめく方法で収納する (Tokimeku houhou de shuunou suru) – Store the box in a place that sparks joy.

With this, we hope you have picked up a few phrases that could be of use to you and wish you all the best in furthering your Japanese studies.  If you are interested in learning more Japanese phrases from other Netflix Originals, we have one on Terrace House linked below so do head over and check it out!

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