Learn Japanese with Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020: Epsiode 9 – Girlfight

If you are learning Japanese and you have Netflix – chances are you have probably seen an episode of the reality television show Terrace house as there are many seasons of the television show and even a movie on Netflix.
In this blog we will focus on an episode from the 2019-2020 Tokyo season.
Up to episode 9 as of July 23rd – the Tokyo 2019 – 2020 season has been slow to develop the type of drama that terrace house has become known for.  That is…. until this past episode titled – *Girlfight*
You can guess what happens!  ;D
In this blog we will break down some interesting vocabulary from the argument that happened and also give some practical phrases that you can use when speaking casually with friends and having an argument – or discussing differing views.
SPOILER ALERT: If you would not like to know what happens in this episode – then go back to our blog for more Japanese learning articles.

The Context:

This argument happened because both Risako and Haruka are interested romantically in an older housemate named Kenny.  When Haruka and Kenny were talking to one another – Risako revealed to Kenny publicly that Haruka is interested in him romantically.
Later on, Haruka expressed her displeasure towards Risako.
learning japanese with terrace house
You can watch the argument for yourself on season 9 of the 2019-2020 part one of terrace house.

The Phrases:

The following are some useful phrases from the argument scene that we though you would find interesting.


kangae kata chigai to omou
I think we have different ways of thinking / We see this situation (things) differently.
In this context, Haruka is telling Risako that she disagrees with Risako – and that she feels it was very rude of Risako to reveal her feelings to the person of her interest.


sou shi na jya
Yes that is right  – “Yup”
Risako uses this phrase to display how she is defiant in her opinion and how although she hears what Haruka is saying – she does not care.


zenbu warui you ni torae te ru
You take everything negatively / You see things in a negative light
With this phrase – haruka is telling Risako that the way she perceives things is always negative.  We would not recommend you to use this as it will probably result in the other person feeling like they are attacked.  😀


Ki ko e ru
It’s what I hear / Its what I heard
This phrase is used by Risako to defend herself when Haruka tells her that she sees everything negatively.  She is basically saying – that’s only what I hear –  the meaning is that she is viewing things objectively.

全部 嫌味 に 聞こえるよう

Zenbu iyami ni kikoeru yō
Everything you say comes off as fake
Haruka uses this phrase to challenge Risako – after stating that suddenly Risako wants to hang out with her now that she has shown interest in Kenny, their mutual crush – Haruka tells Risako that she is fake.
This escalates into an even more bitter exchange where both house mates reveal things that they did not intend to have appearing in the show.
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