Learn Japanese in VR: Metaverse Japanese Learning Event

On February 17, Coto Japanese Language Academy hosted its first Japanese learning events in the metaverse — of the many more to be announced.

We had a great time and enjoyed several great presentations on different subjects from our students. What’s more, we were able to learn several great things about how to use VR for Japanese language learning.

Moving forward, we will take these insights and do our best to create engaging and useful applications to learn Japanese in mixed reality.

How Does Coto Academy Hope to Use VR for Japanese Learning?

In the future, we will be hosting language exchanges in VR and mixed reality.

We will also be developing courses for this platform and encouraging our students to experiment with ways that they can use it as a learning tool.

Because VR allows you to use a “pen”, we can apply this to kanji writing. We can host calligraphy classes and make it easier for teachers to share kanji through that input tool.

What’s The difference Between VR and Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality is to spaces where students that have a VR headset and students who don’t can all join virtual reality. It’s more flexible. You can control an avatar in a 3D space while interacting with students who are in virtual reality.

VR, however, is where you must have a VR headset to join.

When’s The Next Japanese Learning VR Event?

We haven’t announced our next VR learning event yet, but you can register for our email list to get updated! Dibs, right? In the meantime, you can check our upcoming events here.

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