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Hello everyone! My A-I-U-E-O blog will be focusing on Ta this week. I hope that you enjoy guessing what word will come next!
And today’s theme, well, if it’s “ta” then… the word is

鯛焼き- たいやき – “taiyaki!”

(All those folks who guessed that this would be the word for “ta” are amazing! LOL).

What is Taiyaki? 鯛焼き

Taiyaki is a type of food made from a batter – whose main ingredient is wheat flour.

The batter is put in a mold that is shaped like a tai – 鯛 – (a sea bream [type of fish]) and is cooked with red bean paste as a filling.

Ever since the time Taiyaki – 鯛焼き was first created in the Meiji period, it has been a hugely popular snack, enjoyed by children and adults alike.

So then, if there is absolutely no connection between sea bream and wheat flour and bean paste, can you figure out why this snack is created in the shape of this fish?

This is because sea bream (鯛 – tai) has been considered a special, auspicious fish in Japan since times of old, one that people associate with the word “omedetai,” お目出度い -おめでたい which means something like joyous or congratulations.

However, in the olden days, average folks had very few opportunities to eat sea bream, so they enjoyed this “omedetai” お目出度い -おめでたい feeling by making foods that look like the fish instead.

And even these days, when sea bream are no longer such a rare thing, steaming hot taiyaki continues to be a popular snack because it makes people feel happy.

So, now it’s time for the customary quiz! But today it’s going to be a little different to usual. Let’s see what we can tell about your personality based on the way that you eat your taiyaki!

When you eat taiyaki, where do you take the first bite and how do you eat it?

1. Start eating from the head

2. Start eating from the tail

3. Start eating from the back

4. Start eating from the stomach

5. Split it in half and start eating from the head

6. Split it in half and start eating from the tail



· · · Thinking time · · · Ok, time’s up~ ~ So now, let’s reveal the results!

What your Taiyaki Eating habit says about your personality.

1. Start eating from the head

You are an optimistic person who does not fuss too much about details. You make a lot of mistakes, but do not let them bother you. You are determined and obstinate. You get heated up easily but also cool down easily.

2. Start eating from the tail

You are fashionable and romantic. However, you are also sometimes insensitive and often don’t notice the love that other people have for you.

3. Start eating from the back

You are a nervous type and act like a spoiled child. You are highly sensitive and are easily moved to tears. You are also a bit delicate physically.

4. Start eating from the stomach

You are proactive and popular, relied upon by people around you. When asked for help, you find it impossible to say no, and you sometimes suffer losses.

5.Split it in half and start eating from the head

You are an energetic, reliable person. But you are also a bit stingy when it comes to money.

6. Split it in half and start eating from the tail

You are a wary and cautious type, like an A-student. You would like to be true to your feelings, but can rarely achieve it.

So, how did you go with the quiz results? For those of you who have never eaten Taiyaki, please do give it a try and check out what your personality is!

About the Author: Ayana Nezu has a long history in education and training.  In 2017, she joined Coto Japanese Academy – her first time in a Japanese Language School.  She currently is based at our Azabu Japanese Club location and is recently obsessed with Rakugo.

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