Kick-start your 2024 JLPT Exam Prep With Coto Academy! 

You have one shot to nail the JLPT.

And surely you don’t want to miss it, right? Well, there’s surely no easy way out of this situation. Speakers that do not work quite right, or somehow the tiniest voice of anything distract you from the test. But, this is totally why you have to expect the worst and prepare yourself to ace the test!

Fret not though, as Coto Academy is here to help you with your JLPT prep! With the first round of the JLPT 2024 exam emerging (for more info you can check here), we have some interesting offers that will help you feel confident about it! 

This time around we are offering classes for the N2, N3, and N4 test takers. The classes will be 3 hours and will be held Every Saturday, starting from March 30th until June 6th. These classes will cover all sections of the JLPT exam, including vocabulary and Kanji, and not stopping there, our teachers will help you with different hacks to master the test! 

Here’s the detail of the course: 

Course Period : March 30th to July 6th, 2024 (Every Saturday, 42 lessons)

Time   : 14:10 – 17:00 JST

Location   : Coto Academy Iidabashi 

Early birds get the worm, you can still get a 4,200 YEN OFF if you sign up before FEBRUARY 28, 2024!

Here’s a summary of the price for you: 

 Early Bird Discount

109,200 ➡️ 105,000 yen, apply BEFORE February 28, 2024

*Material fee is not included

Aren’t all of these promos exciting? Be sure to take notes of the important dates and not miss out! If you are still unsure and want to get to know more about the course our team is far more than happy to help you ace the 2024 JLPT! 

Can’t wait to see you in class!

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