How to find Kanji Stroke order using Kanjibro

Are you struggling with stroke order? You’re not alone.
Some kanji have more than a few strokes to remember.
That is why we are so happy to share about this!
Kanjibro is a new tool for finding the stroke order of most common Kanji (Kanji that appear in open source Japanese dictionaries.)
Using Kanjibro to find stroke order is simple:

  1. Visit
  2. Type your kanji in the search (You can also paste it)
  3. The animated stroke order will pop up for each kanji.

It’s that simple.
One great thing about this tool and one that we’re very proud of – is that Kanjibro is made by one of our students.
Here is his message about the project:

When I started to learn Japanese a year and a half ago, the difficulty to take notes was the most frustrating bit while learning. (to take notes is probably the best way to process and retain information I think.) So after discussion with my Japanese pals and classmates, the idea of being able to take notes, and therefore writing kanji without making any mistakes, became a crucial need.
We checked google but there was no “simple” solution allowing us to paste a sentence, check how to write it, and then proceed out conversation in Japanese.
With this tool our classes or sessions started to be way much more productive. As we weren’t spending too much time trying to write kanji. Basically after class or a conversation session, we were able to study each kanji properly on our own.
I’m glad to hear this tool is useful! 😀

If you’re looking to learn how to practice writing kanji – you may also be interested in our kanji writing worksheets.
These worksheets provide an easy way to practice Japanese writing and also have stroke order diagrams that teach you the correct order of the strokes.
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If you’d like to see all of the available JLPT Kanji Writing Workbooks – please visit Coto Kanji Writing Workbooks


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