Kanji Worksheet Free PDF Download: JLPT N3 – Unit 5: Nature

Have you enjoyed all the N3 Kanji worksheet series so far?

In this new Kanji unit, we are going to learn how to write some nature elements. For example, 石 (ishi: stone) and 草 (kusa: grass.)

To learn more N3 kanji related to themes such as “Work“, “Sports”, “Crime” and “Feelings” (total 19 units), You can download the full workbook here !

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Click here to download: FREE Kanji Writing Practice Sheet – JLPT N3 Unit 5 Nature – PDF

JLPT N3 kanji practice workbook nature
JLPT N3 kanji practice workbook nature

Click here to get the full N3 Kanji writing workbook – Digital Download


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