JLPT N3 Grammar – わりに (How to say "Considering…" in Japanese)

We have another Youtube companion blog for you!  This article goes over Yuka-sensei’s video about the JLPT N3 grammar point: わりに (wari ni) – meaning “considering…; comparing…” in Japanese.
First watch Yuka-sensei’s video above – and make sure to subscribe to our channel!  Then review the video’s content with this article.

How to Use JLPT N3 Grammar: わりに in Japanese

This JLPT N3 grammar point is used when expressing moderate surprise when expressing that, despite the conditions, the result is better than one expected.
This is not to be confused with the JLPT N4 grammar point: 〜のに (~noni) meaning: “even though; despite…”
Whereas のに is often used in negative situationsm, わり has positive connotations that go along with it.  It indicates pleasant suprise that “despite” or “considering” certain conditions, the outcome or result is better than expected.
You can use this grammar form when you want to express your own opinion about something or someone.  This means you cannot use it when talking about yourself!
The form is:
Short form + わりに
な Adj + な + わりに
Noun + の + わりに
Let’s look at some examples!

Example 1

100 en shoppo no mono wa yasui wari ni hinshitsu ga iindesu yo.
Considering that the items at 100 yen shops are cheap, the quality is quite good.
Do you have a dollar store in your home country?  In Japan, dollar stores (called 100 yen shops) are very popular.
These 100 yen shops sell a variety of items and products – and the quality is decent considering the price.
What kinds of cheap things can you think of?  Typically, cheap price indicates cheap quality.  But this thinking for the 100 yen shops is incorrect – the quality is actually quite good!
Yasui wari ni, hinshitsu ga ii desu!
Considering the price, the quality is good!
Do you have a good quality but inexpensive shop in your city?
Let’s look at another example!

Example 2

hachi jyussai no wari ni, genki nandesu yo.
He’s doing very well, despite being 80 years old!
In this example, Yuka-sensei is talking about her grandfather.  Even though he is 80 years old, he plays golf and exercises every single day!
This is not at all what you would expect from an 80 year old man – he is full of energy!
That’s all for this blog article!

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