JLPT N3 Grammar: 〜切るKiru (How to Say “To Do Completely” in Japanese)

We have new a JLPT N3 grammar blog for you!  Do you know the Japanese word 切る-kiru?  It’s a verb meaning “to cut” – but it also has another meaning as a JLPT N3 grammar point.

In the video above, Nami-sensei shows us how to use the JLPT N3 grammar: 〜切る meaning, “to do completely; to do to the end”.

First watch the video above – and then review with this companion blog.

How to Use the JLPT N3 Grammar Point: 〜切る (kiru)

This  Japanese grammar point is used at the end of a clause or phrase.  As stated above, 〜切る (~kiru) means to do something completely, or to do something all the way/until the end.

The form is:

ます form verb, ます  + 切る/切ります

Likewise, this can also be used in the negative: 切らない/切りません.

Let’s look at how to use it by examining some of Nami-sensei’s examples!

Example 1

kinou katta hon o ichinichi de yomi kirimashita.
I read the book I bought yesterday in one day.

In this example, Nami-sensei bought a brand new book – because she loves reading books!

And she read the whole book in 1 day – 1日で読み切りました。

So to conjugate: 読みます (to read – ます form) → 読みます + 切り
Past tense: 読み切りました

Quite straightforward!  Let’s look at another example.

Example 2

takusan chuumon shita no de, zenbu tabe kiremasen deshita!
I ordered so much and wasn’t able to eat it all!

In this example from the Youtube video above, Nami-sensei ordered ramen – and she loves ramen!

However, she bit off more than she could chew, and couldn’t eat it all. 全部食べ切れませんでした。

Because 食べる is a group II verb, converting it to ます form involves just replacing the る ending.  Remove ます and add 〜切る and you get 食べ切る.

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