Japanese Strawberry Delights: Where To Get It?

Japan has a wide variety of strawberry-flavored foods. You can enjoy most of them during the strawberry season, which typically runs from winter to early spring but is most common in spring. Here are some popular strawberry foods in Japan:

いちごクレープ Strawberry Crepe

Strawberry crepes are a popular and delicious dessert in Japan, enjoyed for their light and delicate texture combined with the sweetness of fresh strawberries and other ingredients. Japanese strawberry crepes are known for their beautiful and artistic presentation. The vibrant red color of the strawberries contrasts with the white whipped cream, creating an eye-catching and appetizing dessert. Crepes in Japan are often sold in dedicated crepe shops, street food stalls, or cafes specializing in desserts. They can even be found in convenience stores. Additionally, seasonal variations may be available, with strawberry crepes being particularly popular during the strawberry harvest season in the spring.

Where to Find It?

いちご大福 Ichigo Daifuku

Ichigo Daifuku is a popular Japanese confection, particularly enjoyed during the strawberry season in spring. It consists of a sweet and chewy mochi (glutinous rice cake) wrapped around a whole strawberry and anko (sweet red bean paste). The combination of the soft, stretchy mochi with the juicy strawberry and sweet anko creates a delightful and harmonious flavor. It can be found in Japanese Sweet Shops (Wagashi Shops), train station kiosks, and grocery and some convenience stores.

Where to Find It?

Photo By Dishes Japan

ストロベリーショートケーキ Strawberry Shortcake

A classic dessert in Japan, strawberry shortcake features layers of sponge cake, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries. “Ichigo Shortcake,” in Japanese, is a popular and beloved dessert. It is often associated with celebrations, and you can find it in various places, including bakeries, cake shops, and dessert cafes.

Where to Find It?

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いちごミルク Ichigo Milk

Strawberry milk in Japan is often packaged in attractive and colorful containers, and it typically features a sweet and fruity strawberry flavor combined with the creamy richness of milk. It’s a popular and refreshing beverage, especially during the warmer months. Keep an eye out for limited-edition or seasonal variations that may offer unique twists on the classic strawberry milk flavor. It’s refreshing and often enjoyed as a sweet treat. It can be found in most vending machines located all around Tokyo. 

Where to Find It?

  • Price Range: About ¥200
  • Locations: Vending Machines Around Tokyo and Convenience Stores
Photo By Sudachi Recipes

いちごパフェ Strawberry Parfait

Parfaits in Japan are elaborate layered desserts often served in tall glasses or bowls with various ingredients. Strawberry parfaits typically include strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream, and sometimes cake or cookies. You can find and enjoy this treat in dessert cafes, train station stands, tourist areas, and most convenience stores and supermarkets.

Where to Find It?

Photo By TimeOut

いちごジャム Strawberry Jam

In Japan, strawberry jam is a popular and widely enjoyed condiment. The most common use is as a topping for toast or pastries. It’s made from fresh strawberries and sugar. This delicious spread is available in various places, including supermarkets, grocery stores, specialty food shops, and even local markets.

Where to Find It?

  • Price Range: About  ¥360
  • Locations: Convenience Stores, My Basket
Photo By Aohata

いちごポッキー Strawberry Pocky

Pocky is a brand of chocolate-covered biscuit sticks, and the strawberry flavor is one of the many popular variations available. The snack features thin biscuit sticks coated with a layer of sweet strawberry-flavored icing. Strawberry Pocky is widely available in convenience stores and supermarkets.

Where to Find It?

  • Price Range: About ¥170
  • Locations: Convenience Stores
Photo By Pocky

フルーツサンド Fruit Sandwich

Fruit sandwiches, or “fruit sando” are a refreshing snack or dessert that typically feature a variety of colorful and fresh fruits. A popular variation of this snack is strawberry.  Soft, fluffy, and slightly sweet shokupan (Japanese milk bread) is the preferred choice for base of fruit sandwiches. A generous layer of light and fluffy whipped cream or custard is spread evenly on one side of each bread slice. Fresh fruit slices are arranged on top of the cream layer, creating a colorful and visually appealing presentation. The fruits are often neatly arranged to cover the entire surface of the bread. This snack can be found in specialty dessert shops supermarkets, and convenience stores.

Where to Find It?

Photo By Sudachi Recipes

いちごキットカット Strawberry Kit Kat

Strawberry Kit Kat is a popular variation of the classic Kit Kat candy bar. It features the familiar crispy wafers coated in a strawberry-flavored coating, offering a fruity and sweet twist to the traditional chocolate-covered Kit Kat. The flavor may vary slightly depending on the region or country where it is produced, as Kit Kat often introduces regional or seasonal variations. The strawberry flavor is infused into the creamy coating, adding a fruity and sweet taste to the wafers. The wafers maintain the signature crisp inside, providing a crunchy texture with each bite. If you’re interested in trying Strawberry Kit Kat, you can often find it in well-stocked candy stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

Where to Find It?

  • Price Range: ¥300 ~ ¥724
  • Locations: Convenience Stores
Photo By Kitkat

タンフールー Tanghulu

Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack made by skewering and coating fruit with a sugar syrup that hardens into a crunchy shell. The most common fruits used for tanghulu are hawthorn berries, but other fruits like strawberries, grapes, or kiwi may also be used. While tanghulu is more closely associated with China, you may find similar skewered and candied fruit treats in Japan, especially in areas with a strong street food culture or in locations with a Chinese influence. A popular spot in Shibuya is Strawberry Fetish, which is located at Shibuya 109.

Where to Find It?

Photo By Pinterest

These strawberry-flavored treats are particularly popular in winter and spring when strawberries are in season. Keep in mind that seasonal variations and limited-edition releases may introduce new strawberry-themed foods over time. 

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