After the Japanese intensive course my life is now less stressful – Jasper

After the Japanese intensive course my life is now less stressful – Jasper san

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realise they were big things” – Kurt Vonnegut, Author.

I have spoken to my local dry cleaning lady before but I found it difficult to link my ideas and think of the right words in the conversation. I also could not say what I wanted to say, no matter how simple. I always just brought my shirts in to the shop and used simple greetings and goodbyes. Always awkwardly trying to start a conversation. I lacked confidence and my Japanese didn’t have any flow!

japanese summer intensive course

I took my shirts in to the dry cleaners as per usual but I spoke to her about her summer holidays in a much longer conversation then before.

We also spoke about my plans and what I am doing for the summer too. I started the conversation and it felt more natural and I even tried to use reaction phrases and ask follow up questions. This helped the flow of my conversation.

I had more confidence in my speaking ability and I used a lot of the new words and grammar that I had learned on the course in our conversation. I also noticed that my listening had improved a lot. Even though it was a little thing like taking my dry cleaning in I felt much better after using some Japanese more confidently.


Living in a foreign country is often fun and exciting. But sometimes it can be tough and you miss the little, everyday, things that you can do in your own country very easily.

These small things, like having a chat about your summer plans with someone in your neighbourhood, help to make your life easier and less stressful!So by studying at ILS on the intensive course my life is now less stressful, more enjoyable and my shirts will always be very smart and not crumpled! よかった!!!!!

Jasper Page – Nihongo Plus! Speak at N4 level, Summer Intensive – August 2012, Private lessons

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From Staff
Since you took the intensive course, your conversational ability has improved dramatically. We are happy to see that you can show your characteristic cheerfulness naturally when speaking Japanese.We wholeheartedly agree with your comment that simple everyday communication can enrich our lives. We all want to continue to help everyone to improve their Japanese conversational ability so that they can express their personalities naturally.
Let’s all do our best!

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