Japanese Idioms: Culture Words Quiz



Think you are a Japanese culture expert?

This quiz will help you test your knowledge of Japanese Idioms and Culture Expressions.

Match the Kanji with the English meaning by selecting the correct answer.

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1. What does the phrase 日本的 mean?


2. What is the Japanese word for arranged marriage?


3. What is the hiragana for 青春?


4. 彼は先週大阪へ行って、たくさんお土産を買って帰った。


5. What is the word patience in Japanese?


6. 子供は不快な時には泣くのは当たり前だ。


7. What is the kanji for うるさい?


8. What is the word 論う in English?


9. What do Japanese say before meal?


10. 彼女は恥じらい時には顔を赤くなる。


11. What is the word for caring, considerate attitude in Japanese?


12. 外柔内剛の人はどんな人ですか?


13. When do we use ごちそうさまでした


14. What is the hiragana for 大安


15. What is the hiragana for 談合?


16. 彼はコンピュータの玄人だ。


17. What is the word sympathy in Japanese?


18. What is not the synnonym of 仲間 ?


19. What is the meaning of 五十日


20. What is the kanji for <strong>しんらい(belief)</strong>?<br>



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