Japanese Vocabulary about Education- Cheat Sheet (Part 1)

Need help with learning different Japanese vocabulary about education? Check out the cheat sheet that we have created for the all the terminology that you need!

Here, we have included the vocabulary on the eight education levels, starting from nursery school to university.

People are always surprised to know just how different the Japanese school system is from the system in other countries.

The Japanese school system consists of six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, three years of high school, and lastly, university.

Here is how the school years in Japan are divided :

  • Nursery school from 3 to 6 years old.
  • Elementary school from 6 to 12.
  • Middle School from 12 to 15.
  • High school from 15 to 18.
  • University from a duration of 2 to 4 years.

The majority of Japan’s junior high and high schools students are also required to wear uniforms, or seifuku (せいふく), which play an important role in Japan’s culture.

The uniform also rotates seasonally and varies between one school and the other, with some schools known for their particular design. Students are taught to have a sense of discipline and community among youth by wearing uniforms.

This is part one of our Japanese education vocabulary series, so make sure to continue to part two.

Continue on below for more vocabulary and sentence examples.

Japanese Education Vocabulary Sentence Examples

Here is how you form basic sentences with the terminology:

Example 1:


otōto wa ashita no shōgakkō no nyūgakushiki ga tanoshimi de shikatanai noda.

My younger brother can’t help but look forward to his entrance ceremony of elementary school tomorrow.

Example 2 :


kōkō wo sotsugyō shitara, daigaku ni iku tsumoridesu.

When I graduate from high school, I plan to go to university.

Japanese Education Vocabulary –

ほいくえんhoikuenNursey School
しょうがっこうshōgakkōElementary School
ちゅうがっこうchūgakkōMiddle School
こうこうkoūkōHigh School
だいがく(がくし)daigaku (gakushi)University (bachelor)
だいがくいん(しゅうし)daigakuin (shūshi)Graduate School (masters)

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