Japanese Crash Course – Survival Japanese

Welcome to Japan!

Along with your first steps in your new life in Tokyo, begin to learn Japanese with Coto’s Japanese Crash Course and feel immediately your improvement.

In 4 weeks, your will learn the fundamental of Japanese, directly useful for your daily life, including an introduction to hiragana and katakana.

Japanese Crash Course Contents

You will be able to communicate in Japanese in 9 situations or topics that you can immediately use in your daily life in Japan.

You will be able to form simple sentences using basic Japanese vocabulary including numbers and adjectives.


Tokyo Explorer – One activity out of school per week

Let’s practice the Japanese phrases you have learned that week by exploring Tokyo and using it in a real situation such as at a supermarket, café or izakaya.

Challenge yourself and speak with Japanese people. Enjoy your improvement in Japanese as you communicate without difficulty.

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Reading and Writing

Reading and writing in Japanese is said to be complicated, so we will help students master Hiragana and Katakana through various exercises as part of each week’s daily lesson. By the end of the course, students will be fully able to read and write in Hiragana and Katakana. We will also introduce some useful Kanji so our students can learn to recognize certain Kanji seen often while out in Tokyo.

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Have fun learning Japanese with our Japanese Crash Course!

Coto Japanese Academy is a unique Japanese Language School in Iidabashi Tokyo, we offer relaxed and fun conversational lessons for all levels of Japanese learner. Coto Japanese Academy prides itself on its community atmosphere and fun lessons that focus on creation of opportunities to speak and learn Japanese. If you are interested in studying Japanese in Tokyo – please visit our contact page here.


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