March Japanese Intensive Course in Tokyo

Our part-time and intensive Japanese courses are designed for busy students who want to create a short-term or long-term customized study schedule. Students are able to sign up for a combination of classes that match their level and interest.

What makes us different? We offer conversation-focused classes for Japanese learners. Our part-time lessons are taught by professional instructors in small groups and are perfect for students who want to improve their Japanese communication abilities.

This month (February 2022), we’re introducing several Japanese courses for beginners to upper-beginners. If you prefer to study Japanese intensively in Tokyo or Yokohama, you can visit our intensive course page.

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March Japanese Intensive Course in Tokyo for True Beginner

If you haven’t started studying Japanese yet, we can help you build a solid Japanese language foundation.

Course name: Japanese Crash Course
Date: March 7–April 1
Time: Monday to Friday at 9:30–12:20 (including national holidays)

What will we learn?

You will learn how to greet other people and introduce yourself. Knowing hiragana and katakana is not a prerequisite as this course is targeted at individuals who have never learned Japanese before. You will learn the Japanese alphabet as the lesson progress. Finally, by the time you finish our crash course, you will be able to make simple demands, orders and requests in a restaurant or shop.

Other Japanese Intensive Course in Tokyo Available

Are you taking a break this spring and want like to use the time to study Japanese? We’re opening intensive courses for all levels at Coto Academy Iidabashi.

Schedule: March 7 – April 1
Time 9:30-12:20 or 14:10-17:00
Lesson fee: 120,000 yen (4 weeks) + materials fee (You can apply for a one-week unit).

Part-time Japanese Explanation Training for Intermediate-Advanced

Do you use the same grammar and vocabulary every time you speak Japanese? If you join our Explanation Training class, you will be able to learn expressions that you do not usually use and give higher-level presentations.

Course name: Part-time Japanese Explanation Training Course
Target Level: Upper Intermediate or Advanced level
Schedule: Please refer to this page
Materials: Coto original handout

Special Golden Week Intensive Course at Coto Academy Iidabashi

Looking to make your Golden Week the most productive? We’ll hold a special 5-day course for this year’s long holiday.

A lot of us can’t commit to intensive courses, so this is the perfect chance to boost your Japanese skill by making the most of your free time.

Date: May 2–May 6
Details: 3 hours/day for 5 days

Effective Drill Training and Conversation Level-up Course

Students often struggle applying memorized vocabulary and sentence patterns. In other words, they have hard time building sentences and improving their quick-response ability in Japanese.

Confidence is key — something we emphasize in our Effective Drill Training and Conversation Level-up course.

Here, students use a series of specially designed drills and speaking training to improve their communication ability. This will also help them gain confidence and have an easier time expanding their vocabulary.

We have flexible schedule options (afternoon or evening), so you can easily pick a time that fits your busy life.

Target Level: Upper Beginner
Schedule: Monday at 19:10-21:00 or Thursday at 13:10-15:00
Materials: Coto’s original handouts

Location: Coto Academy, 3F Iidabashi Building 4-9-4, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku

For a more detailed course schedule, kindly visit this Google Sheet.

What will we learn?

The goal of this course is to prepare students to speak Japanese naturally. By the end of the session, you will be able to convey your wishes, ask for permission, study assumptive expressions and communicate your feelings accurately.

You will learn new sentence patterns, such as volitional, conditional, potential and passive forms. Rather than stopping there, we will encourage you to practice them immediately. That way, you will get used to applying Japanese grammar and be comfortable when speaking.

As a reference, take a look at some of our lesson agendas below. One course will cover one sentence pattern, which will continue according to the date of the class.

When can I join?

We design our part-time courses specifically for students who can’t commit to full-time Japanese language classes, either because of work, university or other conflicting schedules.

Because of this, you can join our part-time courses anytime. Instead of following the school’s rigid schedule, it’s up to you to join the course of your choice — and when you want it.

If you’re interested in signing up (or just want to ask more questions), feel free to visit our contact page (the same form is also below) or get in touch with us at [email protected].

What's the course fee for part-time Japanese courses at Coto Academy?

We have monthly subscriptions and package plans. For example, a monthly subscription for 8 classes will cost ¥18,000. You are free to pick a part-time course. A package plan for 16 courses will cost ¥40,000. For more details on part-time course fee, kindly visit this page.

I'm not sure what's the perfect option for me. How can I know?

That’s not a problem at all! At Coto Academy, we provide a free level check and course consultation. That way, you’ll know your Japanese level. Our coordinator is happy to consult about your schedule, preference and learning style. After that, they’ll suggest the best course options.

What other courses are available at Coto Japanese Academy?

We offer intensive conversation courses, part-time group lessons, private and dispatch lessons and JLPT training courses. To know more about our available courses, kindly refer to our course page.

Who are the Coto instructors?

All our instructors are all native Japanese speakers holding professional qualifications and have considerable experience teaching. In order to match the diversity of our students, we employ teachers with a variety of social experiences. All of them understand basic conversational English. 

For more information, you can view our Tokyo teachers here and our Yokohama teachers here.

Not sure about your Japanese level? Take our free Japanese language assessment test

Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you achieve your Japanese language target. If you’re unsure where you are, we provide a free Japanese level check. 

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