10 Best Apps for Japanese Language Exchange

Looking for Japanese Language Exchange Apps?

With the rise of social networking It has never been easier to find people to practice a language with! In this blog, we will be introducing what we feel are the 10 best Japanese Language Exchange Apps that you can make use of to find Japanese language exchange partners.
Lext Talk (App Store)
Doongle (Google Play)

1. Practice Your Japanese with Hellotalk

best japanese language exchange apps - hellotalk


HelloTalk is a language exchange application that allows you to talk with others from around the world. You can write a brief summary about yourself in your profile, choose your native language and select the language and level that you’re currently learning. Thereafter, you’re able to search for native language partners from around the world! HelloTalk is immensely popular with many users who are eager to start a language exchange.
The platform that you use to chat is very much like any other texting application. What sets HelloTalk apart from similar language exchange apps are some of its useful features. Native speakers can edit your messages and correct your grammar while you chat together about AKB48’s upcoming concert. Users are also able to transcribe a voice message, so you’re not always reading and writing, but can practice speech and comprehension as well.

best japanese language exchange apps - lext talk

Lext Talk

Lext Talk is an application that allows users to connect with people from around the world. Once your profile is complete, you can select which language you speak and which language you’d like to learn.
A very convenient feature that Lext Talk offers is its map. Users can browse and navigate through Lext Talk’s map for language partners in their area, or find a partner in a specific region. That means things get a whole lot easier if you’re looking for someone who speaks 関西方言 (Kansai dialect). Lext Talk also provides chatrooms with various themes like “Let’s Learn English” or “Jpop Fans United”, where you can meet friends with similar interests and chat in your desired language.

3. Doongle (Google Play)

best japanese language exchange apps - doongle


Liked the sound of Lext Talk but you have an Android phone? Don’t worry, there’s a similar app for all you Android users too! Introducing Doongle: an app that allows its users to share voice messages, photos and more. Like other language exchange apps, you can easily browse maps to find a language partner in the same area, or in a selected region.
This application also allows you to filter through its users’ profiles so you can easily find someone within your age group, who lives in your city or next travel destination, or even someone who shares the same interest in kabuki. Doongle also offers a group chat feature, where you can talk about English grammar or share tips on how to make a mean okonomiyaki with others.

4. Tandem

best japanese language exchange apps - tandem


Tandem is another language exchange platform that allows users to practice languages with other native speakers. It allows you to practice listening, improve your pronunciation, and learn to speak a foreign language like a local all through an app.
With Tandem, finding a language learning partner couldn’t be easier. Just log in, find someone online who speaks your target language, and invite them to chat for free. It’s that simple – your personal language exchange meetup app. No need to schedule a time, sign into Skype, or go to a meeting!

5. Italki

best japanese language exchange apps - italki



With iTalki, you get to choose your teachers based on your interests and goals. You pay per lesson but at a price that meets your budget. You can choose to take lessons anytime and anywhere to your liking. No Skype? No problem. Lessons can be conducted over any video chat software with your teacher.
If you don’t know which teacher to choose, don’t worry. All teachers will have a video introduction of themselves and you could also judge by looking through previous reviews from students.

6. Speaky

best japanese language exchange apps - speaky


Through Speaky’s Worldwide Language Learning Community, you have the opportunity to interact with people from over 180 countries across 110 + languages. Through its vast language community, you will be able to talk to people who share your interests and passions. Along with its fully dedicated environment, you can chat or make calls directly from your browser. Furthermore, you can practice right away by talking to people online.

7. HiNative

best japanese language exchange apps - hinative


With HiNative, users can ask questions and get answers from native speakers around the world. Available on desktop, iPhone and Android smartphones, this is a really flexible app that can be used anywhere on the go! This is especially great for anyone looking for quick translations, help with basics of a language or even getting personalized feedback!

You can also use dating apps as Japanese language exchange apps!


8. Pairs

best japanese language exchange dating apps - pairs


Pairs is another online dating site that has had numerous TV and train commercials. This site uses your Facebook profile, but allows you to hide your full name, enabling its users to go by initials instead. Their target audience tends to be younger Japanese men, and according to a user on Pairs, there are plenty of guys for you to choose from but those interested in a serious relationship with a non-native Japanese speaker is only a handful.

  • Language: Japanese
  • Fees: Free for women, Monthly subscription fee for men

9. OkCupid

best japanese language exchange dating apps - okcupid


Labelled “the best dating site on Earth,” OkCupid’s Japanese version focuses on a lot more detail than Bumble or Tinder. This can be seen from the average time taken to fill out your profile [45 min]. You can choose to leave most of it empty, but based on reviews from others, it isn’t the best move, because you’re most likely to remain unnoticed. Judging from past reviews, if you are one that can easily be found on multiple dating sites, you might be less favourable to the pool of users on OkCupid.

  • Language: English, Japanese, and others
  • Fees: Free, special features require a monthly subscription

10. Tapple

best japanese language exchange dating apps - tapple


Tapple is a dating app where, instead of filling out a profile and searching for people, you fill out the qualifiers of what sort of person you’re interested in, and then join different groups based on your hobbies. You’re shown a selection of men who share your interests and meet your criteria, and you can either like, skip or super like their profile.
Although there have seemingly been many positive experiences from users meeting and talking through the app, according to a user, many people were hesitant to meet offline. Some prefer to talk and date only online so it might not be the optimal platform if you are looking for a serious relationship.

  • Language: Japanese
  • Fees: Free for women, Monthly subscription fee for men

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