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What Does Toriaezu Mean in Japanese? AIUEO – To (と) – Toriaezu (とりあえず)

How Can I Use Toriaezu in Japanese? 日本語こちら Typical Conversation between Japanese Friends The Positive & Negative Connotations To (と): Toriaezu (とりあえず) Beer! (Tori-Bee!) Have you ever been to an izakaya? It’s a kind of casual drinking establishment in Japan that also serves food. When you go to an izakaya with friends, you might all […]
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AIUEO Learning Blog – Te – Tekito (適当) – The two meanings of Tekito in Japanese

日本語こちら A, who is a university student, told me this story the other day: “I had an interview with a company today. My university lecturer had told me to “go dressed tekitō (適当),” so I wore jeans and a T-shirt. But I noticed that the interviewer had a really shocked look on his/her face the […]
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AIUEO – Tsu – Tsui Tsui – "ついつい" in Japanese

日本語こちら Would it be strange if I said I   (“couldn’t help but study?”) “ついつい勉強してしまう” When you “couldn’t help yourself” – ついつい – tsui tsui – from doing something, it’s usually about something else. You might say that you were trying to study but couldn’t help yourself from spending time browsing the web. 勉強しようと思ったけど、ついついネットを見て時間が過ぎてしまった。 Or you might […]
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AIUEO – "Chi" – Chahan

Today's AIUEO Japanese learning blog is about Chahan - or fried rice. This blog will teach you how vocabulary and in the process - how to make delicious egg fried rice.
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AIUEO – Ta – Taiyaki

Japanese Version Hello everyone! My A-I-U-E-O blog will be focusing on Ta this week. I hope that you enjoy guessing what word will come next!And today’s theme, well, if it’s “ta” then… the word is鯛焼き- たいやき – “taiyaki!”(All those folks who guessed that this would be the word for “ta” are amazing! LOL). What is Taiyaki? 鯛焼き […]
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AIUEO - So (そ) - Souda (そうだ) - I know, Kyoto, Let's Go!

In this blog - Matsumoto Sensei teaches us the meaning behind one of Japan's longest running advertising Campaigns.
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What Does Senpai Mean? – AIUEO - Se (せ) – 先輩 (Senpai)

Learn about the word Senpai and its meaning in Japanese and English in this latest A-I-U-E-O Learning Blog.
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AIUEO Learning Blog – Su – Suki koso monono jouzu nare

This blog teaches us a popular Japanese Proverb - Su - "Suki koso monono jozu nare (What one likes, one will do well).” 好きこそものの上手なれ
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What Does Shouganai Mean in Japanese? AIUEO – Shi (し) – Shikata ga nai, Shouganai

What do the Japanese Words “Shouganai” and “Shikata ga nai” Mean in English? 「しかた(が)ない、しょうがない」、Shikata ga nai, shouganaiThere’s nothing you can do. / It can’t be helped. 日本語   Expressing Ideas…In Casual Conversations… To Express Ideas In any language, there are definitely some popular phrases that can help to facilitate communication and express ideas clearly.  If […]
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The Basics of Japanese Cooking - AIUEO - Sa (さ) – Sa, Shi, Su, Se and So

The Basics of Japanese Cooking Vocabulary What are the Sa, Shi, Su, Se and So’s of Japanese Cooking? 日本語はこちらHi there! Can you believe it’s already May!? Well, anyways, it’s time for yet another edition of the popular (or so I’d like to believe) AIUEO blog! It is now our third run through the cycle! Today’s […]
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What is Konnichiwa in English? AIUEO ー Ko (こ) ー こんにちは (Konnichiwa)

About this week's Author: Mr. Matsumoto, was a junior high school Japanese teacher for 23 years before joining Coto Language Academy. Therefore, he is a Japanese language pro. He currently teaches Coto’s Intensive Courses (intermediate and advanced), Business Courses and the Part Time N1 grammar and reading classes. He is also involved in developing teaching materials at Coto.
Coto Academy

Arguments & Fights in Japanese! – “Kenka suruhodo naka ga ii” – AIUEO Blog

The author for this article is Kumi Tanaka-sensei. (About Tanaka Sensei) She is mainly responsible for the Business Japanese course, JLPT N1 classes, and Intensive courses. Tanaka-sensei is quite popular amongst our intermediate and advanced students! Currently, she is enjoying studying the Vietnamese language.
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