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Japan’s first immersive theme park opened on March 1st, 2024. What is an immersive theme park, and what can you do there? Immersive Fort Tokyo is unlike any other theme park; attendants experience their favorite fictional stories, movies, games, and animes firsthand. There are so many performances and experiences to cover and more to come. The following is a brief rundown of some of the most popular experiences.

A Quick Jump To…


  • Casual Pass: ¥6,800 for adults, ¥3,000 for children. This pass grants access to nine out of the park’s twelve attractions.
  • Standard Pass: ¥9,800 for adults, ¥6,000 for children. This pass grants access to all nine basic attractions, plus your choice of experiencing either “The Sherlock Murder Case” or “The Tokyo Revengers Escape” attraction.
  • Premium Pass: ¥14,800 for adults (price for children unavailable). This pass provides access to all twelve attractions, including the 18+ Edo Oiran immersive theater experience.


Photo by Immersive Fort Tokyo

Tales of Edo Oiran

This is an immersive theater performance in the “choose your own adventure” style set in the Edo-period red light district. Although the story can change throughout the performance in many ways, there is a general storyline. You purchase a cursed sword from a black market auction, and it draws you towards the Edo-period pleasure quarter. This is a story of love, loss, and beauty.

  • Run Time: 70 minutes
  • Language: Japanese (The experience is still incredible even if you do not understand Japanese) 
  • Age Restrictions: This experience is 18+ as it contains sensitive and adult content
Photo by Immersive Fort Tokyo

The Sherlock

Based on the series Sherlock Holmes, this park portion is an interactive theater performance. The stage is set in Victorian London, and as an “audience member,” you can freely move about the stage and work with each other and the performers to solve a Sherlock-style mystery. The storyline followed through this performance is to find a missing person while trying to uncover the culprit behind a series of murders. The Game is Afoot! 

  • Run Time: 90 minutes
  • Language: Japanese, English(Supported by audio guide device)
  • Age Restrictions: Children aged 12 or younger need to be accompanied by a guardian due to some scenes being inappropriate. Please refrain from bringing young children below 7 years old, given the content.
Photo by Katana Inc

Tokyo Revengers

This portion of the park is an escape room-esque theater experience. Working alongside The Tokyo Manji Gang from the Tokyo Revengers manga/anime series you will have to solve puzzles and get past obstacles to overcome an intense predicament. The storyline followed in this performance is a battle between rival gangs, escaping a burning building. Can you help the Tokyo Manji Gang get out?

  • Run Time: 105 minutes
  • Language: Japanese, English
  • Age Restrictions: Some scenes are inappropriate, so children 12 or younger need to be accompanied by a guardian.

Spy Action!

This attraction’s story is a fight breaking out between the mafia and a group of secret agents! Said to be action-packed, this performance will keep you on the edge of your seat, or maybe even out of it.

  • Run Time: 20 minutes
  • Language: NA
  • Age Restrictions: Open to everyone (Keep in mind there may be fake weapons or sounds that could be upsetting)
Photo by Immersive Fort Tokyo

Party Festa!

Everyone is the main character! Expect full theatrics and a passionate and exciting party scene.

  • Run Time: 20 minutes
  • Language: NA
  • Age Restrictions: Open to everyone
Photo by Immersive Fort Tokyo

Identity Immersive Chase

This experience is essentially a huge game of tag. However, you will have extra motivation to run like your life depended on it because it might! Work with your team and try to escape the Hunters in time.

  • Run Time: 12 minutes
  • Language: Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean
  • Age Restrictions: Open to everyone. Children aged 12 or younger need to be accompanied by a guardian because some scenes are inappropriate. Please refrain from bringing young children below 7 years old as the experience may scare them.
Photo by Katana Inc.

Jack the Ripper

This is an immersive horror maze set in Victorian London. Get ready to scream and do your best to escape the clutches of Jack the Ripper!

  • Run Time: 10 minutes
  • Language: NA
  • Age Restrictions: Ages 15 and up only.

Restaurants and Shops

The park hosts 4 restaurants and 2 shops. The restaurants themselves are immersive experiences with different themes.

Restaurant Hours vary but generally are available from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m

Casa Di Peroni

An Italian restaurant where diners are treated like regulars. The staff will interact with you as if you had been dining there for years. 


The Cabaret

While indulging in French cuisine, you will be dazzled by live Cabaret performances and entertainment. 

Tokyo Revengers Cafe Flower

Themed around the Tokyo Manji Gang’s favorite hangout, this European-style cafe offers food themed around Tokyo Revengers. 

Dolce Vita

Designed to feel like a high-end boutique; you won’t find a full meal here. However, the desserts and pastries are eye-catching and mouth-watering. 

Useful Japanese Phrases

  • このアトラクションはどこにありますか?  Kono atorakushon wa doko ni arimasu ka?: Where is this attraction?
  • チケットを1枚ください。 Chiketto o 1-mai kudasai.: One ticket please.
  • 次の公演はいつですか?Tsugi no kōen wa itsudesu ka? When is the next performance?
  • わかりません wakarimasen: I don’t understand.
  • もう一度お願いします。 Mō ichido onegaishimasu. : One more time, please. (Used when asking someone to repeat what they said)

Escape room portion

  • ヒントが欲しいです。 Hinto ga hoshīdesu.: I need a hint.
  • どこから始めましょうか? Doko kara hajimemashou ka: Where do we start?
  • これは何ですか?Korehanandesuka?: What is this?
  • 開かないよ。Akanai yo.: It won’t open.
  • 時間がないjikanganai: We don’t have time!

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