Have you ever seen a sumo match?

Have you ever seen a sumo match?
On Sunday 8th February, we watched a professional sumo wrestling competition at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan sumo hall!
Unlike normal, where the wrestlers tour Japan for their matches, this was a one day tournament.
Other than the tournament, there was also a Children VS Wrestlers competition and a Comic Sumo performance full of gags. It was a really fun event.
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During the tournament, we got all our students to answer our Sumo Quiz. The award for the winner was a 2015 Sumo Calendar. The present came from one of our Coto Japanese Academy staff members, Kimie Abo.
Kimie Abo   https://cotoacademy.com/about/kimie-abo/
Her father is a former sumo wrestler!
A live sumo match is intense and full of Japanese tradition. Students said it was fun, and that they wanted to take their families to see it.
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Those who missed out, make sure you come along next year!
An apology: The tickets sold out very quickly, so we are really very sorry to those on the waiting list who couldn’t go in the end.
We’ll all go together next year.

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