Group Students – Update to the new online lesson system

This post is for current online group lesson students to better understand the upcoming changes to our online lesson system.

What do I need to do to start using taking my lessons with the new online system?

On January 6th 2023 we will email you a link to login to the new system.

Login to the new system and update your profile information. You will be asked to set your timezone. Make sure to set your time zone accurately.

Your username will be the same as your current online group email address. You will have already received an invitation email from the system when the account was created.

The temporary password will be the same as the one shared in the email.

If you have trouble logging in click on forgot password and send yourself a password reset link.

What is changing between the current and new system?

Part of SystemOldNew
Subscription billing cyclePayments for subscriptions are charged 1x per month on the same day of the month.

Ex. March 1st, April 1st
Payments for subscriptions are charged every 28 days.

Ex. March 1st, March 29th, April 26th
Fee SystemPay a monthly flat rate that can only be used for online group lessons.Pay for a point subscription that can be used to either take online group lessons OR private lessons.
Minimum Participation Period3 Month minimum contractNo minimum contract.
Private LessonsYou cannot join private lessons with your group lesson website.You can join group lessons using the same points and system.
Subscription pricing.Subscription only – subscription every month with expiry every month.

Lessons can only be taken with a subscription.

Subscription Pricing
4 Lessons / Month 9,000円
8 Lessons /Month 15,000円
16 Lessons / Month 月 30,000円

Subscription every 28 days with expiry every 28 days.

Lessons can be taken with both subscriptions and point packages.

Subscription Pricing
8 Points 9,600 yen
16 Points 16,800 yen
32 Points 32,000 yen
48 Points 45,600 yen

1x session of a 50 minute group lesson is 2 points – if you have a 100 minute lesson it is 4 points.

Cancellations and receiving points backCancelling and Rescheduling is unlimited as long as its 24 hours aheadRecurring booking:2x cancellations per calendar month ex. (From January 1st – 31st, you can cancel two times – if they are 24 hours before the lesson you can receive points back.)

One-time reservations:24 hours ahead of time – the points are returned.
Expiration datesExpiration dates of points can be extended by purchasing a new package.Expiration dates do not extend – when you buy a new package the expiration date is specific to that package.

Every package is separate and has a separate expiration date.

Subscription points expire every 28 days.
Teaching materialsInside the LMS website and externallyDownloadable PDF that will be attached to each booking reservation on the system.
Communication with teacherExternal private messagesInside the website in chat / im function.
National HolidaysApplication is needed for point compensation.Points will not be used to book lessons on national holidays / school holidays. You can use the unused points from your package or subscription to book other lessons.

The system will not schedule classes on national holidays.
Lesson start timeLesson start time is at 00:10 – ten minutes past the hourLesson start time is at 00:00 on the hour.
When can you join the group lessons?Only at the beginning of each month.Any time – 24 hours before the next lesson.
Cancel my group lesson reservation and subscription.You need to submit a form to apply by the 20th of the previous month.Cancel your reservation at any time through the system – the cancellation of the reservation will take effect from two weeks in the future.

Cancellation of payment subscription is separate. Can be done any time before the next renewal.
Cancellation of my recurring class one time to receive points/a makeup lessonNo makeup lesson. A lesson recording for up to 2 weeks after the lesson.No points back. A lesson recording is available for up to 2 weeks after the lesson.
I want to cancel a one-time / trial booking and get points back.24 hours before the lesson this is possible.24 hours before the lesson this is possible.

Transfer of points & subscriptions

Will subscriptions transfer?

We will cancel your existing subscription and set up a new subscription for you in your new account. After we give you access you will add a payment card to activate it.

Do I need to start a new subscription?

We highly recommend it. You can also pay for a recurring booking with a points package but if you are taking monthly online group lessons it is more cost effective to have a subscription.

Joining Lessons & Teacher Communication

How do I join lessons?

You will see a list of your class reservations with zoom links on your my classes page.

One hour before the lesson starts the system will release the zoom link.

How do I communicate with my teacher?

We have a new chat system in the website that will allow you to chat back and forth with your teacher.

You can also share files through this new chat system.

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