Golden Week Intensive Courses (ONLINE) – Japanese Conversation and Business Writing – Apply by 5/1

This year due to COVID-19 we will be offering several online special intensive courses.

With a variety of different levels – you can take the opportunity to improve your Japanese conversation.

And for those that are already working in Japan – you can polish your Japanese business writing.

Learn more about the available intensives below

Dates and Pricing

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5-Day Course to improve Japanese conversation or business writing – conversation courses available for a variety of levels.

(All offered online and conducted through zoom meetings)

May 4th  – May 8th 

Morning course: 9:30 am – 12:20 pm  (Tokyo Time – GMT+9)
Afternoon course: 13:10 pm -16:00 pm  (Tokyo Time – GMT+9)

35,000 yen(inclusive of course material fee)

*Only for news students – Initial registration fee: 5,000 yen (50% discount from the regular price)

Available Courses

1. Beginner Conversation Course (Only in available for the morning schedule)

This class will help students build the foundation to be able to communicate in Japanese. The goal is that you’ll be able to use basic conjugated forms and speak naturally.

-Best for people who are studying with  the Genki 1 textbook

Before joining, students should:
Know basic verbs and adjectives
Be able to read all hiragana and katakana fluently

2. Upper-Beginner Conversation Course(Afternoon – 6 seats left!)

While quickly reviewing basic conjugations as well as sentence patterns that use them, we’ll train you to use them with everyday vocabulary.

-Best for people who are now studying with the Genki 2 textbook

Before joining, students should:

 Know Te-forms and short forms(present and past tense)
 Be able to make simple sentences using proper particles

3. Bridge to Intermediate Course(Only in the morning)

This course focuses on the core basic sentence patterns, improving vocabulary for a variety of daily situations, and building longer sentences through combinations.

-Best for people who have finished the Genki 2 textbook

Before joining, students should:

 Know all the basic conjugations
 Be able to make a basic conversation only in Japanese

4. Business E-mail Writing Course (Upper-Intermediate)

(Morning-2 seats available  Afternoon-7 seats available)

For students with N3 and above who want to improve their business e-mails, this course is for you!
-Best for people who is N3 or above level

-Before joining students should:
 Know basic keigo
 Be able to read at least 600 kanji characters

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