Getting off the train in Japan – How to be polite in Japan – Must-use Phrase

How to leave a crowded train in Japan – Getting off the train in Japan
If you live in Japan, you are probably used to rush-hour trains. In the above VIDEO we break down politely getting on and off the train in Japan.

What to do when leaving the train in Japan

When getting off the train in Japan its important to be polite and intentional so that you do not shove other people unnecessarily. Let people know that you are getting off the train by saying:

Sumimasen, orimasu.

Excuse me, I am getting off.

By saying this, you allow other people in the train carriage to anticipate you getting off.

What not to do when leaving the train in Japan

  • Shove other people
  • Step on other peoples shoes
  • Push people out of the way intentionally

You may think to yourself that these are all very “common sense” things. However, Japanese trains during rush hour are very crowded and have only a small window of time in which to get on and off.
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