Getting to know Japan: Okinawa

Last Friday we continued our “Getting to Know Japan” dinners with a special visit to an Okinawan restaurant. Over 20 students from 13 different countries were able to attend and enjoy the delicious Okinawan food and drink.
How well do you know the island of Okinawa? Take the quiz to find out and join us for our next event!

Okinawa Quiz!

Q1. How many islands are there in Okinawa prefecture?

  • a.363
  • b.160
  • c.49
  • d.12

Q2. What is the sport, or martial art, originated in Okinawa?

  • a. Judo
  • b. Kendo
  • c. Aikido
  • d. Karate

Q3. Which of these things do not exist in Okinawa?

  • a. Monorails
  • b. Buses
  • c. Traffic lights
  • d. Subways

Q4. What is the aim of the famous folk dance, Eisaa?

  • a. To send off the spirits of ancestors
  • b. To welcome important guests
  • c. To pray for good harvest
  • d. To celebrate a wedding

Q5. What is the most common surname in Okinawa?

  • a. Amuro
  • b. Kinjo
  • c. Uehara
  • d. Higa

Q6. What is the meaning of “Haisai” in Okinawa dialect?

  • a. Hello
  • b. Thank you
  • c. Welcome
  • d. Gratitude before meals


  • Q1 – 363
  • Q2 – Karate
  • Q3 – Subways
  • Q4 – To send off the spirits of ancestors
  • Q5 – Higa
  • Q6 – Hello

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