Best Free Japanese Verb Dictionaries – Links and List

Looking for Japanese verb dictionaries? In this blog we will link to several free Japanese verb dictionaries that you can use to learn Japanese.
Special thanks to the National Institute for Japanese Linguistics which is the provider of two of these dictionaries – and which we recommend for being a reliable source of verb related information.

Free Online Japanese Verb Dictionaries

Provided by the National Institute for Japanese Linguistics

  • Handbook of Basic Japanese Verbs
    An online handbook, primarily geared towards teachers of the Japanese language.  This interactive dictionary of basic Japanese verbs has a large breadth of features – including animated dialogues and example sentences to look at the verbs in context.If you have a question about how a verb conjugates or if you have trouble with a certain verb – this dictionary is a great starting point for you to fix common errors.
  • Compound Verb Lexicon
    This dictionary has over 2,700 verb-verb compound verbs that are used in contemporary Japanese.  It has English, Chinese, and Korean translations for the semantic definitions and even example sentences.

    Other Online Japanese verb dictionaries and Conjuagtors

  • Cooljugator
    Cooljugator bills itself as the “cool” Japanese verb conjugator – you can use it to check your comprehension of how Japanese verbs conjugate. It says that its goal is to create a simple, easy, and fun to use conjugation dictionary.  There is a verb search that you can
  • The Ultra handy Japanese Verb Conjugator
    Along with a kanji dictionary – this website also has a search feature for verbs and their conjugations.  If you are stuck on a sentence or want to check your comprehension  – this is a useful tool with search capability.

If you are new to Japanese verbs – you may need to learn the Japanese verb groups. Check out our blog for conjugating te form in Japanese.

How to conjugate Te-Form in Japanese – Handy Illustrated Guide to Japanese Verbs

We also have a handy illustrated beginner Japanese cheat sheet which separates and breaks down the different types of verb groups:

The Ultimate Beginner Japanese Cheat Sheet PDF – Illustrated Guide – Free Download!

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