A Flexible Japanese School That Catered for my Needs #Lana

★Introducing testimonials from student’s of ILS (Iidabashi Language School) before it became Coto Japanese Academy

“A Flexible Japanese School That Catered for my Needs”

Lana/Private lessons/Nihongo Plus

As a beginner student, my Japanese ability was really unbalanced. During university, I had plenty of experience listening to Japanese from the media and Japanese friends. However, I had never undertaken formal Japanese classes seriously.

By the time I got to Japan, I found myself exceedingly frustrated at the fact that I could listen to and understand many Japanese conversations, but had no grammar or confidence to respond and be part of these conversations at parties, work, or everyday situations. On top of that, I was using informal Japanese or strange phrases in the wrong situations. As a result, I found myself struggling to create the active lifestyle I wanted in Japan.

Finally, I had decided it was time to balance my Japanese skill. I researched many Japanese schools in the area, but what attracted me to Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS) at first was the approachable atmosphere. The staff puts forth a lot of effort to make students feel comfortable (for instance, bringing tea and chatting), which gave me more confidence to speak. The staff was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses accurately, and helped me choose a class that was right for me. Moreover, Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS) proved to be a flexible Japanese school.

Currently, I am taking two 50-minute private lessons a week, in addition to Nihongo Plus conversation classes when I have time. This may seem like a lot, but I am witnessing my improvement and having so much fun in the process! Firstly, my teachers are able to identify my strengths and challenge them by speaking quickly or being strict with my pronunciation.

Furthermore, my teachers take time to clearly explain and help me practice areas that I have difficulty with.  I can ask many questions about the meaning and proper use of phrases I’ve heard from friends or media. In addition, I am given plenty of opportunity to do most of the talking in class about topics that relate to me. I believe this is the advantage of having a private lesson.

Next, I can practice what I have studied through practical group conversation in Nihongo Plus! If there is icing on the cake, it’s that Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS) staff is ready to help students outside of class as well – through cultural and social events, e-mail support, and by making time for me before or after class when I need to discuss something.

ILS has helped me tailor a study program suitable to my Japanese learning needs. As a result, I have been able to build stronger co-worker relations, develop friendships far past the “How are you?” level of conversation, and solve everyday problems confidently at the grocery store or bank. Of course I have met a large variety of students here, but I recommend Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS) to students who have specific learning needs like me, and want to learn in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. For every minute I study with Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS), my ability to truly experience life here in Tokyo moves forward.

Thank you!

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