Summer Special! Early Bird Discount | Intensive Courses | Tokyo and Yokohama Japanese Language School

Coto Japanese Academy is excited to offer an early bird discount for students who want to sign up for our Japanese intensive courses sometime between July and September.

Recently, we’ve received a high volume of inquiries and registration. We would like to take this chance to give interested students an exclusive discount — and early access to register for our high-in-demand courses so you can secure a spot.

If you register for one of our intensive courses for at least a month, Coto Academy can be your receiving organization for the ERFS. This will allow you to visit Japan under a short-term visa.

With summer just around the corner, it is time to consider your study plans for the next few months. The Japanese government has begun to ease travel restrictions from March 2022. Now, foreigners can do short-term stays and visit Japan under a working holiday visa (tourism has still not yet resumed). With this in mind, people are expecting the situation to get better in the near future.

About Coto’s Intensive Course Early Bird Discount

You’ll get 10% off of our standard prices if you sign up before May 31*.

Applicable course: Intensive Japanese course between July and September
Location: Coto Japanese Academy Tokyo and Yokohama (in-person)

4-week course: 120,000 JPY 108,000 JPY (save 12,000 JPY)
12-week course: 324,000 JPY 291,600 JPY (save 32,400 JPY)
24-week course: 576,000 JPY 518,400 JPY (save 57,600 JPY)

*Registration and course material fees are exempted if you sign up for more than 12 weeks. Payment has to be completed by May 31. Registration is accepted based on weekly units.

About Coto’s Intensive Course

Learn kanji, grammar, reading, vocabulary and speaking with a professional Japanese teacher. Dramatically improve your Japanese language skills in a short period of time. 5 days per week, 3 hours per day, for 4 weeks.

With pair-dialogue sessions, practical examples, and down-to-earth explanations from the instructors, we do our best to provide Japanese that you will actually use in your daily life.

Japanese classes are held in small groups (maximum of 8 students). In total, we offer 17 leveled Japanese intensive courses, ranging from a complete crash course (for students who haven’t learned Japanese at all before) to beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

Learn How Coto Can Sponsor Your Holiday Visa in Japan

To enter Japan, you will have to submit the regular status of residence certificate, and a certificate for completion of registration through the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS). 

When applying, your company would generally be the supervising organization.In this case, Coto is able to be the supervising organization for students who are applying to Coto courses. 

For students who wish to consider whether they would like to study at Coto after arriving in Japan, please inquire further. Regardless, please kindly note that Coto still cannot issue student visas for students, and it is your own responsibility to obtain your own visa or short-term visa.

For more information on visa procedures, please contact the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or the Japanese embassy or consulate in your area.

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Be sure not to miss out on this exclusive discount! Even if you do, please consider registering for the courses anyway. They are extremely helpful and well worth it!

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any further questions or concerns.

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What other courses are available at Coto?

We also offer conversation courses, part-time classes, private and dispatch lessons and lite-intensive courses. For more information, check out our course page!

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