Dive into the Sweetness: A Guide to Strawberry Picking in Japan

The sun glistens on plump, ruby-red strawberries nestled among lush green leaves. The air hums with the buzz of bees, and the scent of summer hangs heavy. This isn’t your average fruit-picking experience – welcome to the world of Japanese strawberry farms! This blog will tell you where to go strawberry picking in Japan!

Photo By いこーよ

A Quick Jump To…

Where to Pick Your Perfect Batch



  • Time: 2023年1月~2月 9:30~12:00、12:30~15:00 | 3月~5月 9:30~12:00 、12:30~16:00
  • Fees: Regular – ¥2,600 | Member – ¥2,400
  • Location: 栃木県佐野市植下町802-4
  • Parking: Available
  • Reservation: Link
  • Have all-you-can-eat strawberry




  • Time: 10:30~16:00
  • Fees: Entrance fees- ¥150 | ¥400 (100g) | all-you-can-eat – ¥2,500
  • Location: 東京都三鷹市牟礼1-8東八道路沿い
  • Parking: Not Available
  • Reservation: Not Needed
  • Have all-you-can-eat strawberry

Useful Japanese Phrases When Picking Strawberries

  • いちご狩りに来ました!Ichigogari ni kimashita! (I came to pick strawberries!) 
  • いちご狩り初心者なんです…何か注意することはありますか? Ichigo kari shoshinshana ndesu… Nanika chūi suru koto wa arimasu ka? (I’m new to strawberry picking… Is there anything I should be careful about?)
  • 熟したいちごはどれですか。Juku shita ichigo wa doredesu ka. (Where are the ripe strawberries?)
  • もっと赤いいちごを探したいです。Motto akai ichigo o sagashitaidesu. (I’ll look for even redder strawberries!)

Beyond the Picking

Once your basket is brimming with juicy treasures, the fun doesn’t stop! Indulge in fresh strawberry ice cream, sip on a strawberry smoothie, or bake a scrumptious pie. Many farms even offer workshops on jam-making or other strawberry-themed activities.

So, ditch the supermarket strawberries and embark on a delicious adventure. With its stunning scenery, vibrant flavors, and unique cultural experience, strawberry picking in Japan will leave you with memories (and taste buds) that will last a lifetime.

Remember: Be respectful of the farms and their property. Follow picking instructions and leave no trace behind. Happy picking!

You Might Be Wondering…

What time of year can I go strawberry picking?

The season typically runs from mid-December to May, depending on the region.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably for the weather and wear shoes suitable for walking in fields. Sunscreen and a hat are always recommended.

Do I need to bring anything?

Some farms provide baskets and tools, but it’s always best to check beforehand.

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