Coto Japanese Academy Year-end Party! 2014

What kind of year was 2014 to everyone?

With that question, our first year-end party as Coto Japanese Academy began.

The venue this time was the organic restaurant Salt and Soil, a 2 minute walk from the school.
There was delicious food and an all you can drink plan, and over 70 students and teaching staff participated.

The teachers and students who would not normally get the opportunity to enjoy leisurely conversation got together, and it became a party filled with laughter and cheerful conversation. Perhaps many new friendships have been formed.

In the middle, it was time for the long awaited photo contest that we have been holding for the last three years.
We gathered photos from 26 people with the theme of “My Favourite Japan”, taking votes while looking at the slideshow shown on the specially set up screen.

Coto Japanese Academy lesson coupons were presented to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed people. Make sure to do your best next year as well!

At Coto Japanese Academy, based on our mission of “Be Unique, Have Fun Globally”, next year we will finally commence building a system for everybody to make the most of the Japanese they have learnt, so they can connect it to work that is more suited to themselves.

Going forward, we will continue to try our hardest to be able to provide increased support to everybody challenging themselves in Japan.

We hope that 2015 will become a wonderful year filled with joy for everybody.

**We are planning many events for 2015. Here are ones that have already been scheduled. If you are interested, by all means please keep your schedule open!

そんな問いかけでCoto Language Schoolとしての初めての忘年会がスタートしました。
今回の会場は当校より徒歩2分ほどのオーガニックレストラン、Solt and Soil.
CotoではBe Unique, Have Fun Globallyというミッションのもと、来年はいよいよ皆さんが学んだ日本語力をいかして、より自分らしい仕事につなげていけるような仕組みづくりに着手していきます。

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