Coto Sounds – Japanese learning Podcast Ep 7 – How to ask for directions

Are you not good with directions, always having to refer with the map on your phone to get to your destination? You are not alone. In this episode, we introudce how to ask for directions in Japanese to another person, in any situation you don’t have wifi, or your phone maps is not working.

By listening to Ep 7 of Coto Sounds a language learning podcast, you will learn JLPT direction words, which is summarized at the end of this article.

In Ep 7 – Asking for Directions

  • 00:54 How to ask for directions
  • 01:04 How to ask how long to get to the destination
  • 01:14 How to ask another person what to look out for when walking
  • 01:53 English translation of the conversation
  • 04:02 Key vocabulary and phrases to know


Key Vocabulary and Phrases to know

  • 上 (ue) – up 
  • 下 (shita) – down
  • 左 (hidari) – left
  • 右 (migi) – right
  • 北 (kita) – north  
  • 西 (nishi) – west
  • 東 (higashi) – east 
  • 南 (minami) – south 
  • 外 (soto) – outside
  • 中 (naka) – inside
  • 前 (mae) – front
  • 後ろ (ushiro) – back
  • 隣 (tonari) – next to 

We hope this episode has helped with understanding more Japanese conversations and phrases.
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