Coto Sounds – Japanese learning Podcast Ep 1 – How to ask about cooking

Do you struggle to cram in studying time for learning Japanese? Is it always a challenge for you to follow a study schedule to achieve your goals? We have a perfect solution for you!

We are happy to announce that we have made a podcast: Coto Sounds! The podcast features 5 minute conversations between native Japanese speakers in Japanese on a chosen topic.

By listening to our 5 minute conversations, you will be able to strengthen your listening and comprehension skills.

The podcast is composed of the conversation, followed by a breakdown of the conversation translating it in English, and finishing off with some key vocabularies to take away from the conversation.

In Ep 1- Cooking, the conversation discusses:

  • 00:12 Asking another person if they like cooking
  • 00:20 How to ask if they should cook something
  • 00:28 What one likes to cook.
  • 00:37 Breakdown of the conversation, translating to English
  • 01:20 Key vocabulary to know in this conversation.


Please find the transcript down below to follow along to Coto Sounds!

A: 料理をするのが好きですか。

ryōri wo suru no ga sukidesuka?

Do you like to cook?

B: 料理をするのは好きじゃないけど、食べるのは好きです。

ryōri wo suru no wa suki jyanai kedo, taberu no wa suki desu

I do not like cooking, but I like to eat

A: 何か料理を作りましょうか

nani ka ryōri wo tsukurimashouka

Shall I make something?

B: いいえ、大丈夫です。ありがとうございます。

īe, daijoubu desu. arigatougozaimasu

No, it’s okay. Thank you.

B 何をするのが好きですか。

nani wo surunoga sukidesuka

What do you like to do?

A: ケーキを作るのが好きです。

kēki wo tsukuru no ga sukidesu

I like to bake cakes.

Key vocabularies to know :

料理(ryōri) – cooking

好き(suki) – like

食べる(taberu) – to eat

大丈夫です(daijōbu desu) – it’s okay

ケーキ(kēki) – cake

We hope this episode has helped with understanding more Japanese conversations and phrases.
Coto Sounds is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Anchor.
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