What’s New From Coto Online Japanese Language School: December 10–17

What’s up and coming from Coto Online Academy? Get ready for our online group courses that are starting in 2022. For anyone taking the JLPT exam next year (July 2022), we suggest opting for our immersive JLPT Prep Course.

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Online Group Lessons for 2022

Leveling up your Japanese part of your new year’s resolution?

Join our upcoming online group courses for 2022. You’ll be taught by our professionally trained Coto instructors, with students who share the same learning goal. We have part-time, lite and intensive Japanese courses available.

Got any questions? We offer a free consultation, but you can also hit us up at [email protected].

We have a lot of course openings for next year, with classes ranging from beginner to upper-intermediate.

Planning to Take the JLPT Next Year?

Looking for an online course to help you prepare for next year’s JLPT? Join our online JLPT Prep course, which are all thought by experienced instructors. We think studying for the JLPT is like preparing for a marathon, not a sprint: you need to structure your study plans and think in the long run.

Our online JLPT-focused course ensures you’re progressing at the right pace and getting the result scores you wanted.

Classes are conducted in a seminar-style semi-interactive format.


You can join the JLPT lecture course anytime

  • Course fee: ¥12,000–22,000
  • Level: N3 to N1 courses available
  • Duration and start date: This course has a curriculum which lasts 5 months (February to June and July to November). You can join this course at any time.

What materials does this course use?

We use a mix of our in-house materials and hand-selected textbooks trusted by our instructors. For kanji, for example, we created an exclusive self-developing learning material. We also use the Shin Kanzen Master book series, which is widely regarded as an industry leader for JLPT preparations.

Winter Break for Online Group Lessons

Our online school will be taking a break for Christmas and New Year, so be sure you don’t enter Zoom class when no one is around.

  • Winter break: Sunday, December 26 – Monday, January 3
  • Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 4 (classes until December 25 will be held normally).

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