Coto New Course: Essential Japanese for Living

It’s time for us to introduce you to a new class in March! Azabu School will start a new course called Essential Japanese for Living. This course allows you to master practical Japanese skills that you can apply instantly outside the classroom, such as everyday conversations and navigating local shops and restaurants. What’s more? You experience the joy of standalone sessions, allowing maximum flexibility in your learning journey. Dive in whenever it suits you best!

Course Description

This course is for anyone who has just started learning Japanese and wants to fit into a Japanese class within their busy schedule. Our Essential Japanese for Living will be offered during the afternoon and designed to be completed in one session. Come whenever you are convenient, and don’t worry about missing any content!

A disclaimer: this course is open to anyone who has purchased the Part-time Package plan.

About Part-time Package Plan

LessonsFeesUnit PriceValid Period
1 lesson¥3,200¥3,200I month
16 lessons¥43,200¥2,7006 months
32 lessons¥83,200¥2,6008 months
48 lessons¥120,000¥2,50012 months
96 lessons¥230,400¥2,40014 months

Just like your morning routine of going for a run, make learning Japanese your routine, too! We hope to see you soon!

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