Coto Japanese Academy Year-End party 2015 !

How has everyone’s 2015 been?

Continuing the tradition from last year, our 2015 year-end party was held at Salt and Soil organic restaurant, only a two minute walk from the school. Over 60 students and teachers had a fun-filled night eating an interesting selection of food and enjoying the nomihodai (all you can drink).
We played some fun games and got to know our fellow students as well as staff members. We also held our 5th Annual photo contest, the theme was “My Favorite Thing About Tokyo 2015,” the top three won Coto lesson coupons. Congrats!
This past autumn, Coto started a new project called “Coto Work Program.” Based on our motto “Be Unique, Have fun Globally,” the program aims to have its participants make use of the Japanese that they have learned, at a company while gaining work experience. With Coto’s devoted support, the program could be a stepping stone to your desired job.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support and cooperation in 2015. We hope all of you will have a fantastic and fulfilling 2016.

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