Coto Japanese Academy Hiking Trip

Join your fellow students and Coto staff for a fun day trip to Mt. Mito.

Situated in the far west of Tokyo near Saitama prefecture, Mt. Mito is part of the three famous mountains of Okutama and on a clear day you can see all the way to Mt. Fuji!
The hike is relatively easy but you should be prepared with good shoes and comfortable clothing. We’ll begin our walk from Tokyo Citizen’s Forest Museum and will take about 4 and a half hours to reach the summit.
The highlight of the hike is the beautiful 33 metre Mito waterfall a short walk from the Mitosan Refuge Hut. On our way back, we’ll stop by an onsen resort, Japanese natural hot-springs, to take a well deserved rest!
We have arranged or a private shuttle bus to leave from Coto Japanese Academy at 7:30 am and return back to the school at 7:00 pm.
[event description=”If you are interested in joining us for this fun day, please fill in form below or contact our student coordinators at the front desk (cost includes full round trip transportation, onsen ticket).” location=”Coto Academy (meeting point)” cost=”6000″ date=”May, 21 2017″ /]  
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