What’s New From Coto Japanese Language School: December 3–10

We’re entering the first week of December. You’ll be seeing winter decorations (illuminations) in Tokyo in full bloom. Want to enter the joyous season the right way? Check our latest article on the best winter illuminations and the merriest Christmas market in the metropolis.

Meanwhile, we have a couple of exciting course packages and beginner’s Japanese courses (including our limited-time 100-lesson special promotion), so stay tuned until the end.

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Final Month for Our 100-lesson Special Offer

special 100 japanese lesson offer

If you’re planning to study Japanese in the long term, you can get a great deal by taking our special package.

You can take our beginner’s course in Japanese or focus on more intermediate lessons — how and when you plan to use the package is entirely up to you.

Part-time or private lessons are available. They are valid for 12 months after the first lesson you take.

You can take Japanese lessons at one of our two school locations: our Tokyo language school and our Yokohama branch. With brightly lit classroom spaces and designated student lounges, expect a laidback (but fully immersive) Japanese learning environment.


  • Private:¥425,000 (¥4,250 / lesson)
  • Part-time: ¥210,000 (¥2,100 / lesson)

※Part-time lesson packages cannot be converted to private lessons
※One time ¥10,000 registration fee for new students

How Do I Apply For Coto’s Special 100-lesson Offer?

Click on the button below to head to our course pages. Choose the package you’re interested in, and simply add it to your cart.

If you feel like 100 lessons is a too-big number for your current Japanese learning preference, we offer other lesson packages available with discounts: 8, 16, 32 and 48 lessons (for these, we have a ¥500 discount).

If you are taking dispatch lessons and are interested in our 100-lesson package, please contact us at i[email protected].

Essential Grammar and Conversation Class Opening

For students who are going to complete Active Basic Grammar B class soon, your next course is Essential Grammar & Conversation!

You will be able to use the key phrases that form the foundation of everyday conversation. At the same time, you can effectively review some important grammar that you learned in the previous class as well.


Level : Beginner (JLPT N5-N4)
Schedule: Please find our complete schedule here.
Duration: 2 Lessons (100 minutes)
Textbooks: Coto original files

Not the course you’re looking for?

Don’t worry. We have other courses that might suit your schedule, level, and pace better. We offer a free level check and consultation service. You can also send us a direct message at [email protected] for any inquiries.

What’s New From Coto Sounds Podcast

Coto Sounds is a podcast for Japanese learners, where you can learn how to use Japanese casually. With our short five-minute conversations between our native speakers, you can learn how to say everyday Japanese phrases in common situations such as grabbing lunch to asking for directions to visiting the doctor’s office.

In this episode, you will hear Suzuki-san visit the doctor’s office after catching a cold. Check out our latest YouTube videos, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

That is all for this week’s newsletter. Don’t forget to enjoy the winter illuminations this year! Stay tuned for next week and, as always, stay safe.

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