How to Enroll in Coto Academy’s Japanese Courses

It is a dream come true to be living in Japan. However, learning Japanese is a must to make your life smoother here! At Coto, we offer small group in-person or online classes with flexible schedules that allow you to find your community in Japan while learning Japanese at your ideal time. We primarily focus on practicing Japanese conversation to master your Japanese language skills. But how do you enroll with us? This blog is your guide on how our enrollment process works!

Coto Academy is a Japanese language school located in Tokyo and Yokohama. With its small class sizes and flexible course schedule, we ensure the students find their community here in Japan and learn practical and useful daily-life Japanese by focusing on conversational practice.

Before You Enroll

Coto does not provide visa sponsorship. If you need one, please contact Coto School Finder instead!

Step 1: Assess Your Level and Define Your Goals

Before diving in, take a moment to reflect on your current Japanese proficiency. Are you a beginner struggling with Hiragana, or do you possess some conversational skills? Are you aiming to pass the JLPT, delve into business Japanese, or enjoy everyday communication? Identifying your level and goals will help you choose the most suitable course.

We have a free Japanese test to help you identify approximately which Japanese level you are at for Coto. To test your Japanese level, click the button below.

Step 2: Explore Course Options

Coto Academy offers a diverse range of courses, both in-person and online. Here’s a quick overview:


Immerse yourself in the lively classroom environment with group or private lessons tailored to your level and goals. 


Enjoy the flexibility of online learning with structured video lectures, interactive exercises, and live Zoom sessions with experienced teachers. Perfect for busy schedules.

Step 3: Schedule a Consultation

Ready to chat? Coto Academy’s friendly staff is here to answer your questions and guide you through enrollment. Schedule a free online or in-person consultation to discuss your goals, preferred learning style, and availability; contact us by clicking the button below.

Step 4: Enroll and Get Ready to Learn!

Once you’ve chosen your program and discussed logistics, it’s time to make it official! Complete the enrollment steps provided by our staff to prepare for your exciting Japanese language adventure.

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