Update regarding the Coronavirus Situation in Tokyo – SOE 1/12/2021

School Policy in response to the State of Emergency
Dear everyone,
Thank you for your continued cooperation and support for Coto.
On January 7, 2021, the Government of Japan issued a state of emergency (scheduled from January 8 to February 7) in areas including Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures.
This state of emergency does not demand that schools suspend their business, however for the safety and peace of mind of everyone who attends and teaches at Coto, we have decided the following safety policies.
1. Basic policy and information provision
We will continue to provide lessons as usual, but we will keep an eye on trends and make appropriate decisions as necessary. We will contact you as soon as possible if there is a change in policy.Since the end of last year, there have been many non-delivery emails, so important notices will be posted not only on emails but also on the top page of the Lesson Scheduling System (https://my.ptsc.jp/cotoacademy/seito_login/). We recommend that you check it regularly.
2. Recommendation for taking lessons online
Although we keep the schools open, we will continue to offer all lessons online. Also, we strongly recommend that you take lessons online, especially after 6 pm. This is in response to the state of emergency calling for refraining from unnecessary and unurgent going out after 8 pm.If you can take your lesson online, we would appreciate it if you would consider it. If you would like to take your lessons online, please contact the school by 6 pm the day before the lesson. We will show you how to take classes at Zoom.
3.  About safety measures
We will continue the safety measures that we have been implementing and the instructors and staff will work together to operate the school safely.
[Important request] For everyone ’s safety and security, we ask all the students, teachers and school staff to contact the school immediately in the following cases.
① If you get infected by Covid-19
② If you become a rich contact person
③ If your cohabitant becomes a rich contact person
The spread of infection can be prevented by being cautious and responsible.
We ask for your continued cooperation in following the measures:
・ Before visiting the school, please kindly check your temperature and consider your general physical condition. Please refrain from attending class if you have a fever of over 37.5 degrees or feel unwell.
・ You may be asked to return home if you appear unwell (fever, persistent coughing, etc.,).
・ If you or a family member is confirmed to have the novel coronavirus, we ask that you promptly inform us and refrain from coming into the school.
・ Please make sure to wear a mask when in school and keep distance from others.
・ Please refrain from eating in the classroom for the time being
・ Please close the lid when flushing water in the bathroom. This will prevent the spread of splashes.
〇 Hand sanitizer will be made available in the school, and handrails in public spaces will be cleaned with disinfectant.
〇 We will ventilate the classroom regularly.
〇 Instructors and staff will be washing their hands, gargling, and disinfecting public spaces appropriately. They will measure their temperature before coming to work and if they have a fever of over 37.5 degrees, they will not be permitted to work.
〇 Instructors and staff will be wearing masks.
〇 We are limiting the number of students in each class to provide for adequate social distancing.==============
This state of emergency is scheduled until February 7 for now, but it may be extended depending on the situation. We may change our safety policy in the future to take the best measures depending on the situation. We will update you via email, website, and the platinum Lesson Scheduling System, so please check those channels for the latest information.
This uncertain situation might remain for a while, but we will continue to operate the school with safety and security first. We believe that it is the best expression of our gratitude toward your desire for learning even in difficult situations.
Coto Japanese Academy

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