Attending A Concert In Japan: From Snagging Tickets to Smooth Refunds

So, you’re ready to rock out in Japan! But navigating the world of concert tickets can be daunting, especially with a language barrier. Fear not, music lover! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to score awesome tickets and handle any hiccups.

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Securing Your Spot

There are a few ways to get a spot at an event. However, within the three, the lottery system is the most common.

  • Pre-sale Magic: Join the artist’s official fan club for early ticket access. There is often a membership fee, but it’s worth it for guaranteed early access.
  • Lottery Systems: Many concerts rely on lotteries, so apply during the designated period and cross your fingers!
  • Convenience Store Terminals: Look for “Loppi” (Lawson), “FamiPort” (FamilyMart), or “Multicopy” (7-Eleven) machines. Use the touchscreen to search for concerts by date, artist, or event code.

Reliable Websites

Here are some reliable websites that are mostly used when an event is happening in Japan!


How to get a ticket

Ticket Pia

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How to get a ticket

Lawson Ticket

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How to get a ticket


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How to get a ticket

Getting The Tickets – Convenience Store

  1. Find a Ticket Machine: Look for machines like “Loppi” (Lawson), “FamiPort” (FamilyMart), or “Multicopy” (7-Eleven).
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  1. Search Your Concert: Use the screen to search by date, location, or artist.
  2. Get Reservation Slip: The machine will print a slip for you after confirming your event and seat.
  3. Payment: Bring the slip to the counter and pay.

Getting The Tickets – Online Websites

  1. Visit Websites: Check out popular ticket sites like the ones mentioned above.
  2. Sign Up: Create an account if you’re a new user.
  3. Search for Concert: Browse the list or use the search feature.
  4. Select Tickets: Choose the date, venue, and seats. Tickets are usually sold through a “lottery system.” Depending on the situation, you may choose three options based on your preference.
  5. Payment: Methods differ—some sites take credit cards, while others may require a Japanese bank or payment at the convenience store. Sometimes, the ticket seller “automatically” charges you for the ticket after you win the lottery, so read the terms and conditions carefully!

How to Refund A Ticket

Check the specific event’s policy beforehand. Refunds are generally not guaranteed but may be possible if the cancellation reason is acceptable, such as if the event is canceled.

Resale your Tickets

What if you cannot go to the event and can’t refund the ticket? There are resale services available for you.

Useful Japanese Vocabulary

  • 申込 moshikomi – application
  • 当選 tōsen – successful lottery (for tickets)
  • 落選 rakusen – unsuccessful lottery (for tickets)
  • 抽選 chūsen – lottery
  • エントリー entorī – entry (for the lottery)
  • 先着順 senshakushun – first-come, first-served
  • 座席 zaiseki – seat
  • retsu – row
  • ban – number


  • Double-check dates, times, and venue details before purchasing.
  • Have a valid payment method (international credit cards often work).
  • Print or save your ticket confirmation for easy access.
  • Enjoy the concert responsibly and have an unforgettable experience!

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