"I could communicate in Japanese after just 3 weeks!" Igor san

★Introducing testimonials from student’s of ILS (Iidabashi Language School) before it became Coto Japanese Academy

“I could communicate in Japanese after just 3 weeks”

Private Lessons / Elementary /Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’ve always been interested in Japanese history, culture and economy, but my first visit to Tokyo in July 2010 made me very serious about my intentions to improve my knowledge and even try learning Japanese.

During my first visit to Japan, I learned some basic Japanese phrases and greeting from my Japanese friends. Back home, I bought some literature for learning Japanese, including the famous Rosetta Stone package, and started studying more seriously, memorizing hiragana and katakana in the following few weeks.

During my subsequent visits, I was practicing more, but a lack of time and professional guidenance made my progress slower and I started forgetting already learned words.

Grammar was especially difficult to understand by myself. Also, I had been thinking of moving to Japan or at least spending much more time here, so I wanted to significantly improve my Japanese. Numerous difficulties in communication with Japanese people who don’t speak English made me more convinced that I need a real school to achieve this goal.

After initial search on Internet, which didn’t help much (too many results), I asked for help and recommendation in the Embassy of Japan in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Embassy advisor for cultural affairs provided a list of Japanese language schools and internet links.

Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS) was included on this list and after researching more details on school’s websites, I made a shorter list of several schools which I intended to visit and make a choice in person. My criteria were curriculum, flexibility, location, amount of information provided on website, prices, etc. After visiting a few other schools, I came to  Coto (which I also contacted by e-mail prior my arrival and got additional information).

Information provided by Ms. Yukiko Watanabe and other staff, with friendliness and flexibility for my specific schedule convinced me and I made a final choice.

private intensive Japanese lessons

Lessons have been very helpful and interesting, making my studying far easier and faster than I would ever do by myself. I achieved significant improvements in Japanese during my first continuous period of study at the Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS) last summer and became able to really communicate with my Japanese friends and other people. Of course, using simple and easier forms and expressions, but good enough for some short conversation and daily situations. Unfortunately, too much work back home and almost no free time didn’t leave me enough time to master obtained knowledge by repeating and practicing as much as I needed. So, I keep refreshing and improving my Japanese by taking additional lessons each time I come to Tokyo, which keeps me capable to communicate in need and feel much more comfortable in Japan. Especially understanding other people, even if it’s still difficult to express all I want to say.

I think all kind of people would feel welcome, having in mind particular interest or participants who are interested in these services. A wide range of professions, backgrounds, personalities, interests can help the service to be more universal and contribute to real-life language improvements, making participants capable to remove their limits and go further in fluency and practice. Also having different people involved make every session new and more interesting.

My final goal regarding Japanese language studying is complete fluency. It seems very far and unrealistic from this point, but I believe it is possible, with enough efforts and time. I’m sure I can’t achieve that goal by myself, so I intend to continue my studies at Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS) on any available occasion. It is a huge challenge, but I’m ready to face it in future.

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