Participating in the 6-month intensive course, while working at a law firm – Collin

The impetus for coming to Japan was the overseas job fair he attended after he graduated from college. He decided to live in Japan, since there was information on it, during his gap year.

I have always lived in Michigan. I wanted to put myself in a completely different environment.

He arrived in Japan when he was 23 years old. His first job was in Saitama Prefecture. Since he wanted to go back to the United States after 1 year, and attend a law school, he spent the first 6 months in Japan studying for it, and he got in. However, he started hearing stories from his lawyer friends in the United States, and ultimately decided not to pursue a graduate degree. Instead, he decided to stay in Japan.

He switched to a job in Tokyo, and started a new life. Tokyo is a very attractive city; it is convenient, fun, and offers access to anything you want. He visited many places on his own, and made many Japanese friends. His Japanese gradually improved.

Subsequently, he took a law-related job. While he is working in this position, he faces a turning point.

Even within the same field of law, I need to solidly master Japanese in order to get the position I really want.

Even then, Colin had enough conversational skill to sufficiently communicate. However, he felt that it was not enough to give him confidence at work. He found Coto on the internet, which happened to be in a convenient location.

In order to continue working, he consulted his boss and obtained permission to attend the morning class.

It was not easy balancing class and work during the 6 months, however, completing the course gave me great confidence.

Going to work after class. It was difficult, especially with homework, but the classes were always fun. In particular, the teachers were very professional and amazing. Being able to come in contact with a variety of classmates, who were all stimulating, allowed me to pleasantly focus on studying.

After 6 months, there is a noticeable improvement in his conversational skill. Most of the communications at work can be done in Japanese, and most of the work related vocabularies can now be picked up.

I previously believed that my conversational skills were relatively high, but my friends and colleagues say that my skills have further improved.

My next goal is to obtain a position as a paralegal.

My love for law has not changed. I would like to combine that and my Japanese communication skills to advance to the next step.

While keeping in mind the option to return to the United States, Colin looks for the next step.
Hopefully, he will get closer to the path that he seeks.

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