BEST Tattoo Friendly Onsen and Sento in Tokyo and Yokohama (Related Vocabulary)

In this article, we will share with you several options for tattoo friendly onsen close to and within Tokyo. Much more than simple traditional local sento baths!
This article includes our recommendations for the best onsen and sento in Tokyo and Yokohama available to tattooed guests.
We will also teach you what you can search for in google to tell if an onsen accepts Tattoo’d guests – or if they have a “cover” policy.
So without further ado – here are the Top Tattoo Friendly – “Super Sento” or “Large Onsen” in Tokyo and Yokohama

Tokyo Onsens / Sento that Accept Tattoos with no covering

100% Tattoo Friendly Onsen


A minimalist bathhouse in Nerima wins our pick for the best 100% tattoo-friendly onsen/sento in Tokyo.
On top of its clean and high-tech design, its friendly staff – it is unique for having ground sourced on-site water, qualifying it as a “site sourced natural hot spring”.

Google Maps Link

Mannen Yu – Shin Okubo, Tokyo

Mannen Yu is a refurbished public sento that is very conveniently located just 2 minutes walk from Shin Okubo station in Tokyo’s Korea Town area.
The owners refurbished the location in 2016 and have a mission to provide a high quality and friendly bathing experience for foreign guests – this allows for a very liberal tattoo policy.  🙂

Yamato no Yu

Although not technically in Tokyo – it is located in Narita, Chiba, which is a short day-trip from Tokyo.
This onsen – due to proximity to the airport has totally loosened any tattoo restrictions – taking into account the large # of foreign tourists that are able to frequent it during a layover.
With an onsite restaurant and fitness center/spa area – this is a great place to come relax during a short layover at Narita – transit time from Narita airport to the front door is around 45 minutes in Total.

Google Maps Link – Yamato no Yu

Tokyo – Yokohama Onsen / Super Sento that Accept Guests with Tattoo Coverings

Thermae-Yu – Shinjuku, Tokyo

Super sento can be compared to onsen like a one screen cinema to a movieplex.  They normally have a larger selection of baths available – as well as cafes, relaxation lounges, and other amenities.
What’s great about Thermae no Yu is that everything that you purchase from the restaurant to the drink bar is calculated on your wrist bands – so you can enjoy multiple trips in between the relaxation areas and the baths as well as the restaurant without having to worry about carrying your cash or a wallet. Everything becomes settled once you leave.

Note about tattoo covering: The policy that they have implemented is that if a tattoo cannot be covered by up to 4x 11cmx11cm stickers – then they will deny entry.  Each sticker will be sold to you at a charge of 300 yen/ sticker – so for people with many tattoos or large tattoos – this option becomes less attractive as it can get quite expensive.  🙂
Image result for thermae yu shinjuku
Image result for thermae yu shinjuku

Spadium Higashi Kurume, Tokyo

Spadium is the biggest super sento complex in the Tokyo 23 ward area and has a large amount of facilities including bed rock relaxation zones – and a food court.  This is a good full day Daytrip destination for a lazy Saturday.  They offer shuttle buses from and to the station for convenient access.
Note about the tattoo policy:  If your tattoo can be covered by up to 2x of their cover seals you can enter – however they do not publish the cost of the seals on the website.

Image result for spadium japan
Image result for spadium japan

Manyo Club Onsen Yokohama, Minato Mirai

This luxury spa and wellness facility has literally just changed its tattoo policy as of the end of January 2020.
Their new policy states that if your tattoo can be covered by up to 2x 11x11cm patches (which they sell for 100jpy per patch) you can enter and use the facility.
They have a restaurant on-site and a large outdoor bathing selection with many different types of pools.  It has our vote for being the most traditionally styled of the available onsen. It’s also probably the nicest.
Image result for manyo club yokohama
Image result for manyo club yokohama

How to Search for Tattoo Friendly Onsen in Japanese.

In Japanese, there are several keywords that you can search for on a website to determine if an onsen is tattoo-friendly. Combine this with the google search tool option and you can search for recent announcements of onsens that have changed their policy.  We found the Yokohama onsen in this article by doing this.  🙂
Key vocabulary to search for in google when looking for Tattoo friendly onsen:
ファッションタトゥー – Fashion Tattoo
デザインタトゥー – Design Tattoo
ご入店いただけます  — “Can enter/ may use the facility”
刺青・タトゥ-がある方のご入館に関して – Admission for people with tattoos/ fashion tattoos.
カバーシール  – Cover Seal (For tattoos)
カバーシールを付けてのご利用がいただけます – Can enter with a cover seal

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