Best place to learn Japanese in central Tokyo

★Introducing testimonials from student’s of ILS (Iidabashi Language School) before it became Coto Japanese Academy

“Best place to learn Japanese in central Tokyo”

Joseph Tame / UK, Advanced level/ Nihongo Plus!/ Japanese Explanation Training, Talk about current issues, Nihongo Cafe.

Whilst it’s very easy to live in city like Tokyo without speaking much Japanese, it goes without saying that if you do have good Japanese language skills, your world really opens up with new opportunities appearing everywhere.

After starting my own media production company in 2012, I really began to appreciate the importance of continued active study and decided to learn Japanese. It was around that time that first enrolled in the Nihongo Plus course at Coto  Japanese Academy (formerly ILS, Coto Language Academy). This allows me to take up to 20 classes over a four week period. Right from the start I found myself remembering how exciting it is to learn a language – and then to be able to use what I’d learnt in class out there with my friends and clients.

Whilst my work schedule has been extremely busy, the school is really flexible, so I can pick and choose the classes that suit me each week.

The course content is all original too, and covers both basic and advanced grammar & vocabulary. The small classes and friendly attitude of the teachers means that there’s usually a lot of discussion amongst all of us students as we learn – it’s especially interesting as everyone comes from very different backgrounds with differing opinions on the topics covered.

There’s a really nice sense of community thoughout the school; this is clear both during classes and when parties or other cultural events organised by the school are held.

Personally I’m delighted to have found Coto Japanese Academy (formerly ILS, Coto Language Academy). The flexibility and affordability of the Nihongo Plus course, combined with the encouraging and friendly attitude of the teachers, really inspires me to continue with my language studies and take my Japanese to the next level.

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Coto Japanese Academy is a unique Japanese Language School in Iidabashi Tokyo, we offer relaxed and fun conversational lessons for all levels of Japanese learner. Coto Japanese Academy prides itself on its community atmosphere and fun lessons that focus on creation of opportunities to speak and learn Japanese. If you are interested in studying Japanese in Tokyo – please visit our contact page here.


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