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Do you want to learn Japanese but cannot come to Japan due to the pandemic? You can take Online Japanese Lessons with us at Coto Academy anywhere in the world via Zoom. Coto Academy offers easy-to-join online group courses according to your level and desired topics.

From Beginner classes to Advanced/Business Japanese classes, you can choose what best fits your needs by looking at the main objectives of the lesson. As the classes are offered online, you can have your own self-paced learning, better time management, demonstrated self-motivation, improved virtual communication, and wider global perspectives. With all these benefits of Online Japanese Lessons, why not start joining the class?

These are the Online Japanese Lessons offered at Coto Academy: Beginners, Upper Beginners, Intermediate/Upper Intermediate, and Advanced. Even within these levels, different types of classes are provided depending on main objectives of lesson. If you are unsure about your Japanese level, try free level check right here!

Beginner Level

1. Practical Japanese for Beginners

  • Perfect for beginners that are new to the Japanese language, this course will teach you practical phrases that you can use in a variety of everyday situations.
Monday Morning9:10 – 11:00
Tuesday Evening19:10 – 21:00
Thursday Evening19:10 – 21:10

2. Lite Intensive – Beginner 1

  • Our “Lite Intensive” course strikes a balance between learning progress and study commitment. You can learn and progress in your ability, without having to worry about an overwhelming pace.
Monday & Wednesday Morning9:10 – 11:00
Tuesday & Thursday Morning9:10 -11:00

3. Active Basic Grammar A&B

  • This course is designed to give you the basics of conjugated forms of Japanese grammar. By targeting one conjugation form per class, you will be able to practice expressions using those forms.
Thursday Evening19:10 – 21:00

4. Lite Intensive – Beginner 3

  • By taking this intensive course, you will be able to use a wide range of expressions, talk about your schedule, and give advice in Japanese.
Wednesday & Friday Morning9:10 – 11:00
Tuesday & Thursday Evening19:10 -21:00

Upper Beginner Level

1. Essential Grammar & Conversation (Upper Beginner / N4)

  • This upper beginner course is designed to equip you with useful tools that you can use in increasingly complex situations.
  • Learn different phrases and vocabulary points that will help you excel in everyday Japanese conversations.
Wednesday Evening19:10 – 21:00

2. Bridge to Intermediate (Upper Beginner / N4-N3)

  • It focuses on the core basic sentence patterns, improving vocabulary for a variety of daily situations, and building more complex sentences.
  • Learn how to apply and combine conversational expressions that are learned at the beginner level.
Tuesday Morning9:10 – 11:00
Thursday Evening19:10 – 21:00
Tuesday & Thursday Evening19:10 – 21:10

3. Lite Intensive – Beginner 4

  • This class covers ways to construct natural conversations.
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to have more natural conversations.
Tuesday & Thursday Morning9:10 – 11:00

Intermediate / Upper Intermediate Level

1. Natural and Fluent Japanese 1 (Intermediate / N3)

  •  A grammar-focused course that fosters the ability to have general conversations in Japanese about many subjects.
  • You will be able to freely incorporate Japanese expression in your conversations by the end of this course.
Monday Evening19:10 -21:00
Thursday Morning9:10 – 11:00
Thursday Evening19:10 – 21:10
Friday Afternoon14:10 – 16:00

2. Business Lite Intensive (Upper Intermediate / N3-N2)

  • If you are planning to work in Japan, this course is designed to teach Japanese that is common in the workplace to prepare you for a job in Japan.
  • Learn how to use a wide range of expressions that will help you thrive in a business setting
Monday & Wednesday Evening19:10 – 21:00

3. Business Japanese (Upper Intermediate / N3-N2)

  • The course will cover basic formal expressions (basic keigo) and setting-specific expressions in Japanese business scenes. You must understand honorifics and fixed expressions if planning to work in Japan.
Monday Evening19:10 – 21:00

4. Natural and Fluent Japanese 2 (Upper Intermediate / N2)

  • This course is grammar-focused and covers a different topic / grammar point each class.
  • The goal is to acquire a broad spectrum of vocabulary and freely use it in numerous sentence patterns during conversations.
Tuesday Evening20:10 – 21:00

5. Japanese Explanation Training (Upper Intermediate / N3-N2)

  • In each class, students will explain their own stories in an open environment and learn new ways to explain and describe things.
Friday Morning9:10 – 11:00
Thursday Evening19:10 -21:00

6. Read and Discuss Current Events (Upper Intermediate / N3-N2)

  • In this upper intermediate course, you will read and discuss with your classmates and teachers about current events, such as recent news or important topics in Japanese, in the Japanese language.
Friday Morning10:10 – 11:00

Advanced Level

1. Advanced Japanese Explanation Training (Advanced / N2-N1)

  • The goal of this class is to allow each student to explain topics using correct Japanese grammar.
  • Learn how to talk about a variety of topics, such as your hobbies, experiences, dream house, job, etc. and strengthen the ability to proactively think in Japanese.
Tuesday Evening19:10 – 20:00
Saturday Afternoon13:10 – 14:00

2. JLPT N2 Grammar (Advanced / N2)

  • A year-long course that will help you prepare for JLPT N2 exam
  • You will read passages common to the JLPT N2 Exam and learn how to use most of the grammar points covered on the N2 Level of the JLPT.
Monday Evening19:10 – 20:00
Saturday Afternoon14:10 – 15:00

3. JLPT N2 Reading (Advanced / N2)

  • A 6 month curriculum (January to June and July to December) that focuses on the key points of reading comprehension necessary for the JLPT N2 exam.
  • You will be able to more easily understand readings that are covered on the JLPT N2 Exam.
Monday Evening20:10 – 21:00
Saturday Afternoon15:10 – 16:00

4. Natural and Fluent Japanese 2 (Upper Intermediate/ N2)

  • A grammar-focused course that will help you attain natural Japanese conversational skills.
  • In each course session, you will learn a new N2 level expression, sentence patterns related to that expression, and how to use them.
Tuesday Evening20:10 – 21:00

5. Read and Discuss Current Events (Advanced / N2-N1)

  • In this class, you will read articles that are in current discussion in Japanese news and actively discuss over topics ranging from politics to environment to economics.
Tuesday Evening20:10 – 21:00
Saturday Afternoon12:10 – 13:00

By taking Coto Academy’s easy-to-join online group courses, why not master Japanese during the pandemic?

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