Benefits of Private Japanese Lessons

Are you unsure where to get started with learning Japanese? Taking private Japanese lessons will help you achieve your learning goals with Coto Academy’s professional strategy. Coto Academy offers private Japanese lessons both offline and online. We have worked with thousands of students to achieve their Japanese goals and confident to say that we can definitely help you learn Japanese.

There are other courses available, such as group lessons, intensive courses, part-time lessons, depending on your study experience, comprehension and needs. Although all other courses have been proven to be effective too, we would like to introduce list of benefits of taking private Japanese lessons.

Benefits of Private Japanese Lessons

1. Personalized Approach and Pace

  • Unlike other courses offered at Coto Academy, the private lessons are 1 on 1 with a teacher class.
  • By having lessons one to one, the teachers can analyze each student’s learning needs and determine the appropriate pace for achieving the desired results.

2. Time Efficiency

  • The start date of private lessons is very flexible- anytime you want to start the lesson.
  • You can choose what time to take your lessons between 9:00- 21:00 for weekdays and 10:00-17:00 for Saturdays.

3. Improved Confidence and Increased Motivation

  • One to one lessons can help students gain more confidence in Japanese. By receiving direct feedback and asking questions time to time, students will have more knowledge in Japanese, leading to increase in confidence.
  • As we provide specialized learning enviornment according to the students’ needs and have strategic ways to achieve their learning goals, the students will have increased intrinsic motivation to learn.

4. Accessibility of Place

  • Coto Academy’s private lessons are offered both offline, in Tokyo and Yokohama, and online.
  • You are allowed to attend lessons from any location of your choice.

Private Japanese Lessons

  • LEVEL: All levels from complete beginner to advanced
  • Whether you would like to prepare for Job interviews, or feel more comfortable in your daily life in Japan, we can match you with a learning material that suits your needs.
  • With our regular feedback system, we listen to your feedback and adjust so that you can get the most out of your lessons with us.
  • Available at Tokyo – Iidabashi Station and Yokohama – Yokohama Station
9:00 – 21:0010:00 – 17:00

Online Private Japanese Lessons

  • Online Japanese lessons anywhere in the world via Zoom.
  • We offer 2 ways to learn privately:
    • Speaking Sessions (You can practice speaking Japanese with a native speaker.)
    • Learning Sessions (You can learn Japanese with a professional teacher.)

We highly recommend learning sessions for students who:

  • Have never studied Japanese, and don’t know how/where to start.
  • Want to improve their Japanese Language ability but have no school in their area.
  • Have left Japan but would like to keep learning Japanese at the same pace.

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